Landlord Protection® insurance coverage and feature options

More of what you do need, less of what you don’t.

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Whether you only need a landlord insurance policy with coverage for the most common types of losses or a fully-loaded policy that offers more protection, Safeco gives you the flexibility to choose. Your local independent agent can offer personal advice about product availability in your area and how much coverage is right for you. We'll help you make sure your residential rental property is properly protected.1

Landlord Protection Insurance Coverage Options
Safeco offers multiple landlord policies to address nearly every situation. Your local Safeco independent agent can help you choose the best coverage options for your investment.

Open Perils or Named Perils Coverage
In insurance language, peril is the word used to describe a cause of loss. For example, if your rental property burns down, the cause of loss (or peril) is fire. You may also have smoke damage from the fire as well as water damage from the effort to extinguish the fire, so the perils in this case would be both smoke and water.

Named peril coverage will provide coverage only if one of the named perils you are protected against is the direct cause of your loss. Common examples of named perils include fire, vandalism, smoke, and hail. Named peril coverage is less expensive but offers less protection than open perils.

Open perils coverage, on the other hand, protects against any cause of loss that isn't specifically excluded on your policy. You're also protected against all the named perils including theft of your personal property that may be at your rental property.

Your Safeco independent agent can help you select the right coverage for your situation.

Extended Dwelling Coverage
At the time you purchase a landlord protection policy, we will establish the amount it would take to rebuild your rental property if it's damaged beyond repair. Reconstruction cost, which is different from market value, includes expenses like debris removal, fees and permits, contractor costs, architect's fees, and other necessary expenses.

Since the cost of construction material fluctuates regularly, extended dwelling coverage also gives you up to 25% more protection than the limit stated in your policy. So in the event of a major or total loss to your rental property investment, extended dwelling coverage will help pay for repair or rebuilding costs that exceed the amount covered by your policy.

Premises Liability Coverage
Premises liability coverage protects you and your spouse or domestic partner against bodily injury and property damage claims for which you are held legally liable. It also provides personal injury protection coverage (see details below) and pays medical costs including hospital bills and medical care expenses for guests if they are injured on your rental property.

Protection from Personal Injury Lawsuits
Personal injury coverage protects you and your spouse or domestic partner from tenant claims of libel, slander, wrongful eviction, wrongful entry, and invasion of privacy. Such claims are not uncommon among landlords, so it's best to be prepared. For example, if you must evict one of your tenants for a reasonable cause, and they sue you for the eviction, you must respond to the lawsuit even if it's frivolous. This coverage option helps you defend yourself and your investment in case this happens to you.

Limited Liability Company (LLC) Coverage Options
Establishing an LLC for ownership of your rental properties creates a barrier of protection between your rentals and your personal assets. In most states, you can extend protection to your LLC as part of your Safeco landlord policy.

Additional Valuable Coverage Options
Safeco offers other valuable coverages including loss assessment, water backup and sump coverage, theft of personal property, and more. Talk with your local independent Safeco agent about which options are right for you.

Find a Local Independent Agent
A local independent Safeco agent can help you discover the landlord insurance coverage you need to fit your unique situation.
1Qualifications and conditions apply. Eligibility may vary by state.
2Availability varies by state. Terms and conditions apply.
3Availability varies by state.Terms and conditions apply.