Safeco claims adjuster speaks with woman in front of her car.

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File and track your claim online

Safeco claims adjuster speaks with woman in front of her car.

Why file and manage claims online?

We understand claims are stressful, but we're here to help. We've made filing online easy, and you can connect with your agent at any time if you have additional questions.


Available 24/7

You can file your claim online at any time.

Takes less than 10 minutes

You just need the basic details to begin.

Fast self-service capabilities

Log in to easily manage your claim online.

What you'll need to file your claim online

We've worked to make filing online simple, and we'll just need the basics to begin:
  • Your username and password
  • The approximate date of the incident
  • General details of what happened
You can begin filing your claim, knowing that your agent is available to help along the way. Still not sure if you should file? Get answers here .
Safeco insurance adjuster speaks with a woman in front of her car.

Download the Safeco mobile app to file a claim from your device

Get the Safeco mobile app to file your claim quickly and easily. You can also:
  • Obtain ID cards
  • Pay your bill
  • View policy documents
  • Get roadside help when you need it1
Download the Safeco app

How the claims process works

Each claim is different, but most follow these basic steps:


File your claim

Whether you file online or with help from your agent, we'll provide you with clear next steps and any other additional info we'll need.


Have the damage reviewed

All damage needs to be documented; in some cases, only photos are needed, while others may require an in-person review.


Receive estimate and schedule your repairs

We'll estimate the amount of money that it will take to repair or replace your property. We can even help you schedule the repairs.


Finalize your claim

Get paid the money that you're owed, minus your deductible, and get back on the road.


Review your coverages

Post-claim is the perfect time to review your coverages with your agent in the event of a future incident.

File a claim against a Safeco customer

Filing your auto claim against a Safeco customer is fast and easy to complete, and we'll contact you if more information is needed.

More claims help

Get more answers to your claims questions below, or visit our frequently asked questions.

1Roadside Assistance must previously be purchased as part of your policy.