Man sweeps his front yard.

Chloeta Wildfire Response Benefit

Safeco Insurance is partnering with Chloeta to offer a wildfire response benefit.

Man sweeps his front yard.

What is Chloeta wildfire response benefit?

Safeco Insurance is partnering with Chloeta to offer a wildfire response benefit to protect California homeowner and Landlord Protection® properties threatened by active wildfires.

Which policyholders are eligible?

This benefit is available to all California homeowner and Landlord Protection® policyholders. Limited property, condominium and renters policies are not eligible for this benefit.

How does the partnership work?

Chloeta maintains a map of Safeco's policies-in- force within the benefit footprint and monitors the area to determine wildfire proximity and threat level. The vendor makes operational decisions on which eligible properties are serviced and the types of services provided during a wildland fire response. These decisions are based solely on the safety of their field personnel and the expertise of highly trained personnel that are wildland fire professionals.

How are policyholders notified?

An automated phone call will go to the policyholder. Please remember this is not a guarantee of service or that our policyholder will not experience fire damage.

What resources may be applied?

Once safe access is secured, mitigation vendor services may include:
  • Virtual and in-person property monitoring
  • Emergency debris removal
  • Temporary sprinkler system setup
  • Fuel break preparation
  • Fire blocking foam or gel application to covered structures

The vendor does not cut trees unless they are down and cross a roadway.

What qualifications do vendor personnel have?

They meet wildland fire incident qualification standards that are compliant with NWCG or NFPA training and physical fitness requirements. Additionally, all personnel providing services have been processed through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security eVerify system.

Additional information about the benefit:

  • Enrollment is free and does not expire unless the policy cancels or the policyholder opts out
  • Policyholders are automatically enrolled and have the option to opt out by returning the completed opt out form to Safeco
  • Enrollment in the program is not a guarantee of service or that these services will prevent damage
  • Mitigation services are triggered by policyholder proximity to the fire risk

What is a protective gel barrier?

It's an industry-leading, fire-preventing and heat-absorbing fire-retardant gel that personnel may use to help protect your home and property. The gel particles adhere directly to a house or structure and quickly extinguish any flames or burning materials that come into contact with the gel. It creates a gelled water barrier that effectively helps protect a home or structure for several hours and may prevent internal combustion. It can be rehydrated to extend effectiveness, as needed. The gel is used as a last resort when fighting a fire. It is proven to be effective as it adheres to smooth surfaces such as glass.

How is the protective gel removed?

Once the wildfire threat has passed, the gel is safely removed by Chloeta, typically using a light washing process with water. The gel is safe for homes and the environment; it is 98% water and can be used on all types of trees and vegetation.

What items outside the house may be moved?

Chloeta will reposition any reasonably movable items away from the structure to a minimally safe distance ideally to a non-flammable surface, such as a driveway. Those items will be returned when it is safe to do so, and photos will be taken of all work performed and provided to Safeco.

For additional questions, please contact your agent.

Chloeta wildfire response benefit only available in CA.