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Wildfire Response Benefit

Offering a wildfire response benefit at no additional cost.

Man sweeps his front yard.

Wildfire preparedness

Though wildfires are more common in the western United States, almost every state has been affected by wildfires over time. Here's how you can prepare yourself and your home before, during, and after a wildfire.

Safeco's Free Wildfire Response Benefit

Live in one of these states where wildfires occur more frequently? Available to Homeowner and Landlord Protection policyholders in select states: AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NV, NM, OK, OR, SD, UT, WA, WY and western TX?Learn more about Safeco's free Wildfire Response Benefit

“Today, wildfires are happening more frequently and with greater impact to customers. In response, Safeco has improved its Wildfire Response Benefit, available in selected states, to provide preventative wildfire damage services to eligible customers.”

Wildfire Response Benefit Resources and FAQs

Available in select states: AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NV, NM, OK, OR, SD, UT, WA, WY and western TX.

The Wildfire Response Benefit helps protect policyholder properties threatened by active wildfires. Safeco is contracting with Chloeta to offer a wildfire response benefit. To learn more, please click on the frequently asked questions sections below.

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Is the benefit free?

Enrollment is free and does not expire unless the customer requests it, or the policy is canceled. There is absolutely no impact to premium (no charge or discount) for this program. The free benefit is not part of the policy contract, so there is no charge for the free service.

Can a policyholder choose to opt out later?

Yes, by completing and returning the opt out form. The customer can opt out at any time during their policy period. Currently, there is not an electronic way to opt out.

Can a policyholder choose to opt back in later?

Yes, by completing and returning the opt back in form. Currently, there is not an electronic way to opt in.

Will new qualifying policyholders receive this benefit?

Yes, all1 homeowner and Landlord Protection® policyholders within the designated wildfire states will receive the letter and opt out form.

Does the letter and opt out form only go to policyholders in high-risk areas?

No, it goes to all1 homeowner and Landlord Protection® policyholders within the designated wildfire states.

How does the partnership work?

Chloeta maintains a map of policies-in-force within the benefit footprint and monitors the area to determine wildfire proximity and threat level. The vendor makes operational decisions on which eligible properties are serviced and the types of services provided during a wildland fire response.

What resources may be applied?

Once safe access is secured, Chloeta's mitigation services may include:

  • Removing pine needles and leaves from gutters
  • Removing flammable vegetation and items from around your home
  • Deploying a temporary sprinkler system to protect your home
  • Updating you regarding the status of your property and actions being taken to protect it
  • Applying a water-based gel or firefighting foam to your home
  • Returning any combustible items moved and washing any fire gel or firefighting foam away after the wildfire event
  • They do not cut trees unless they are down and cross a roadway.

What is a protective gel barrier?

It's an industry-leading, fire-preventing and heat-absorbing fire-retardant gel that personnel may use to help protect your home and property. The gel particles adhere directly to a house or structure and quickly extinguish any flames or burning materials that come into contact with the gel. It creates a gelled water barrier that effectively helps protect a home or structure for several hours and may prevent internal combustion. It can be rehydrated to extend effectiveness, as needed. The gel is used as a last resort when fighting a fire. It is proven to be effective as it adheres to smooth surfaces such as glass.

How is the protective gel removed?

Once the wildfire threat has passed, the gel is safely removed by Chloeta, typically using a light washing process with water. The gel is safe for homes and the environment; it is 98% water and can be used on all types of trees and vegetation.

What items outside the house may be moved?

Chloeta will reposition any reasonably movable items away from the structure to a minimally safe distance ideally to a non-flammable surface, such as a driveway. Those items will be returned when it is safe to do so, and photos will be taken of all work performed.

What qualifications do vendor personnel have?

They meet wildland fire incident qualification standards that are compliant with NWCG or NFPA training and physical fitness requirements. Additionally, all personnel providing services have been processed through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security eVerify system.

How are qualifying policyholders notified?

An automated phone call will go to the policyholder advising Chloeta may be in their area. Please remember this is not a guarantee of service or that our policyholder will not experience fire damage.

Will the vendor leave qualifying policyholders a voice mail?

Yes, Chloeta will leave an automated voice mail.

How do qualifying policyholders contact the vendor to check on the status of their property?

The Chloeta does not provide updates to policyholders.

Will the qualifying policyholder's agent be notified if they opt out of the program?


Will qualifying policyholders receive confirmation their opt-out form was received?


How does Chloeta get access to impacted areas?

When services are being provided during a wildfire, mitigation personnel work with local fire officials to gain safe access behind fire lines to then provide services. The vendor vehicles will be branded for Safeco.

Is any work done inside my home or other structures?

No, Chloeta staff perform services outside the home and do not enter policyholder building structures.

Will Chloeta still go to a property if they cannot reach the policyholder?

Yes, because the qualifying policyholder is participating in the benefit.

Safeco wildfire response partners


Wildfire Defense Systems

Provides Wildfire Response Services to homeowners in OR and WA.


Provides Wildfire Response Services to homeowners in CA.
WDS wildfire response benefit only available in OR and WA.
Chloeta wildfire reponse benefit only available in CA.
1Texas customer eligibility is in Western Texas only. Please reach out to your agent to see if you qualify