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Our homeowners insurance coverage options

Learn more about the unique home insurance coverages we offer below, then contact a local agent to discuss the right home insurance coverages for you.

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Personal Property Coverage
If your personal possessions—including furniture, clothing, and appliances—are damaged or stolen as a result of a covered loss, Safeco will arrange for them to be repaired or replaced.
Personal Liability Coverage
Safeco will defend you if someone makes a claim against you for accidentally causing an injury or damaging property — for example, if someone is hurt in your yard or you damage property at someone else's home.
Your home will be protected against losses from events such as fire or lightning; weight of ice, snow, or sleet; windstorms; hail; theft or vandalism; and more.
Personal Property Replacement Cost Coverage
In the event of a covered loss, we'll pay the actual cash value for items at the time of loss, then up to the full amount of the cost in today's market.1
Valuable Articles Coverage
Extra coverage for high-value items such as jewelry, art, collectibles, or camera equipment.
Equipment Breakdown Coverage
For just $2 a month, equipment breakdown coverage is a cost-effective way to keep critical household equipment up and running after mechanical or electrical breakdowns—which are often not covered under a standard homeowners policy.2
Service Line
Considering adding Service Line coverage which is a cost-effective way to insure against service line failures - which are often not covered under a standard Homeowner policy.
Single Loss Deductible
A Safeco Package includes a single loss deductible. In the event that a customer experiences a significant loss that is covered by their Safeco Home Policy, deductibles for other Safeco policies also affected may be waived once the home deductible is paid.3
Extended Dwelling Coverage
In the event of a catastrophe, soaring demand for building materials and labor could cause reconstruction costs to increase, leaving policy limits inadequate. That's where extended dwelling coverage kicks in.
Identity Recovery Coverage
Recovering from identity theft can be a very costly, time-consuming, and stressful experience. With identity recovery coverage, you can replace that worry with calm for just $1 a month.
Guaranteed Repair Network
This program connects you with prequalified experts to create estimates and perform repairs quickly, seamlessly, and with a guaranteed material and labor warranty backed by Safeco.4

We offer unique coverage options at Safeco. Connect with a licensed independent agent near you to determine the right homeowners policy for you.

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Why purchase a Safeco home warranty?

A home warranty5 is the perfect way to help you protect against those surprise expenses caused by normal wear and tear. That's why Safeco has partnered with American Home Shield® (AHS), the leading provider of home warranty plans in the U.S. for more than 40 years.
AHS helps facilitate the entire process and provides quality service when it comes to repairing or replacing your covered items. Whether you want broad coverage for appliances and components of electrical and plumbing systems or just need to protect a few specific things, there's an option for you.
You'll pay monthly or annually for your plan and then, when a repair or replacement is needed, a low service fee covers the entire fix. Contact a Safeco agent to learn more.
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1Optional coverage. Subject to a deductible. May vary by state.
2Equipment Breakdown provides protection in the event of an unexpected mechanical or electrical breakdown not caused by normal wear and tear, or corrosion. Only available through a Safeco Homeowners Policy. Not available in all states.
3Not available in all states.
4The terms and conditions of your Safeco Homeowners Policy and any related endorsements will prevail in the settlement of your claim, and will be subject to a deductible amount, which will be paid by you. You are in no way obligated to use our Guaranteed Repair Network. Additional payments may apply based on terms and conditions of your Safeco Homeowners Policy and any related endorsements. Roofing replacement warranty: five (5) years on replacement and three (3) years on roof repairs. The guarantee is nontransferable and does not extend to upgrades, deviations, and/or additions that you may have elected to include in addition to the claim-related repairs. To ensure the quality, reliability, and integrity of the program, all claim-related repairs assessed by Safeco's Claims Representative must be completed by the assigned contractor only. Damage caused by normal wear and tear, improper maintenance, or unreasonable use is not covered. Not all services available in all geographic locations. Warranties and deductibles may vary. For more information, contact your Claims Representative.
5The Home Warranty product is only available for customers with single-family homes under 10,000 square feet. The Home Warranty is not available for properties located in AK, CA, FL, IA, and NY. Agents in AK, CA, FL, IA, and NY are not authorized to offer the Home Warranty. After yearly fees, customers pay the trade service call fee for each covered repair or replacement incident. Customers may also be responsible for additional costs associated with a covered repair or replacement. Please review the Home Warranty Terms and Conditions for details. American Home Shield Corporation is the Home Warranty plan provider. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All statements made are subject to provisions, exclusions, conditions, and limitations of the applicable home warranty. If the info on this page conflicts with the warranty language that it describes, the warranty language prevails.