Couple drives into the sunset in their classic convertible.

Classic car coverages

Protection for your classic car's golden years

Couple drives into the sunset in their classic convertible.

Modern coverage for your vintage vehicle

Safeco offers coverage for all your classic car needs to help you focus on the road ahead1. Learn more about the classic car insurance coverage options and features below.

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Bodily Injury Liability
Helps pay for bodily injury expenses, like hospital bills and medical care, that you may be held responsible to pay if you cause an accident that injures another driver or another car's passengers.
Property Damage Liability
Helps pay to fix someone else's vehicle you're held responsible for damaging in an accident.
Uninsured and Undersinsured Motorist
Pays for damages you are legally entitled to recover from a driver without liability insurance or a hit-and-run driver or for an amount that exceeds an at-fault driver's insurance limits. (This coverage is required in certain states.)
Helps pay for repairs or to replace your car if it is stolen, vandalized, or damaged in some way other than in a collision. Includes loss or damage from fire, flood, falling objects, wind, hail, and collision with an animal.
Helps pay for repairs to your car for damage caused by an accident.
Agreed Value Coverage
Receive the amount agreed upon when you took out your policy if the car is declared a loss.2
Limited Use Coverage
If you only drive 5,000 or less miles a year, you could pay less for your insurance.3
24-Hour Roadside Assistance
If your classic car breaks down, we won't leave you stranded. From a jump start to a tow, our optional 24-Hour Roadside Assistance will get you moving again.4
Emergency Assistance
Includes all the benefits of Roadside Assistance plus coverage for expenses like taxi fare, lodging, and protection for personal belongings including tools and spare parts left or stored in your car.5
Dimishing Deductible
Remain claim-free and we'll reduce your collision deductible by $100 with each annual policy renewal, for up to a maximum of $500 or for five years.6
Personal Property Coverage
Pays the actual cash value of covered personal property that needs to be replaced due to a covered loss.7

We offer unique coverage options at Safeco. Connect with a licensed independent agent near you to determine the best coverages to protect your classic car.

Enroll your classic car in our Diminishing Deductible coverage

We know you take great care of your antique auto, so why pay top-dollar if you ever need to make covered repairs on it?
Our collision deductible will decrease at every renewal if there are no claims filed against your policy. The deductible will continue to decrease for up to five years or until the $500 maximum is reached.
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1Product offerings not available in all states. Qualifications and conditions apply.
2Availability varies by state. Subject to deductible.
3Availability varies by state. Conditions and limits apply.
4Coverage is provided on the optional Towing & Labor Coverage endorsement. May vary by state.
5Applies to mechanical breakdowns and disablements only, and may be subject to limits. Conditions and limits apply.
6Availability varies by state. Conditions and limits apply. Not available in all states.
7Availability varies by state. Limits apply.