Amazon Echo sits in a kitchen.

Safeco voice app

Insurance questions? Ask Alexa.

Amazon Echo sits in a kitchen.

How it works

Ready to turn your Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap, Echo Show, or Echo Dot into your personal insurance advisor? Here's how it's done:

"Alexa, enable the Insurance Advisor skill"

This will get you started by opening up the Insurance Advisor app in Alexa.

"Alexa, open Insurance Advisor"

The Insurance Advisor provides quizzes that evaluate your risk knowledge and behaviors related to when you drive, when you're at home, or your lifestyle.

“Alexa, take the risk quiz...”

... or, use the app to find and connect with a local Safeco independent agent near you

Ask Alexa your insurance questions through the Insurance Advisor

We've introduced the Insurance Advisor skill for Alexa to make understanding complex insurance terms easy. You no longer need to stop what you're doing — or pick up your phone or tablet — to learn about common insurance terminology. Now you can just ask Alexa.

We've taught Alexa 100+ commonly asked insurance questions and terms, and we're just beginning. To get started, enable the Insurance Advisor skill and ask Alexa all kinds of things about insurance, including:

  • “...Tell Insurance Advisor I'd like to find an agent in my neighborhood.”
  • “...Ask Insurance Advisor what a total loss is.”
  • “...Ask Insurance Advisor what types of insurance Safeco offers.”

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