roadside assistance

Help in your time of need.

Got a Flat Tire? Need a Tow?
If you purchased Roadside Assistance with your policy, help is available and on the way.

Talk to your local independent agent to add Roadside Assistance to your policy.

Call Us. We’re On Our Way.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Basic Roadside Assistance Services
If you break down or can’t get started, we’ll send out a tow truck to get you to the nearest qualified service station. All you have to do is call.

Flat Tire
We’ll help you change out your flat with your spare and get you back on your way. Just need air? No problem. We can do that, too.

Battery Service
Sometimes we all need a little extra boost. If your battery isn’t up to the task, we’ll come give you a jump start.

Fuel and Fluids
We’ll deliver essential fluids. Run out of gas? We’ll bring you some. Need radiator or brake fluid? We can bring that, too.

Did you lock your keys in the car? Maybe you just can’t find them. We’ll send out a locksmith to help you get back in your vehicle.

Additional Services
RV Roadside Assistance
If your RV becomes uninhabitable, your coverage includes housing and transportation costs. It also covers the loss of personal property from your RV.

Motorcycle Roadside Help
Trip interruption benefits are included as part of your coverage.