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5 common (and potentially costly) homeowners mistakes
September 15, 2018
Owning a home is usually a great experience. But it can also be a hassle, especially when unexpected issues pop up—whether you have a minor breakdown or a major catastrophe, it's almost certainly going to require time and money to fix.
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emergency preparedness
September 1, 2018
If a massive disaster wiped out power to your region right now, with no hope of recovery for at least several days, would you be ready? Would you have a way to connect with your family? Would you have enough nonperishable food for everyone? In short, do you have the right plan and supplies to get through an emergency?

September is National Preparedness Month, designed to encourage Americans to ask those kinds of questions — and take steps to ensure they can answer "yes."
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do I need to tell my insurance company if my dog bites someone?
March 20, 2018
If your dog exhibits aggressive behavior and you don’t report it to your insurer, your policy may become invalidated if there’s another incident. Learn more and make sure you’re protected.
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