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Insurance terms, explained
January 22, 2019
With all kinds of different coverages for all kinds of different needs, insurance can be very confusing. And to make it even more challenging, at times it probably seems like insurance websites and policy documents are written in a completely foreign language.

Of course, that's why we recommend working with an independent agent—someone who is on your side during the process and who can explain everything you need to know.

Even if you do work with an independent agent, however, it's good to have a little basic knowledge about insurance.
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10 teen driving stats that might surprise you
January 15, 2019
Parents are key to safer teen driving. Have you established safe driving rules with your teen? Help your teen develop safe habits by regularly observing their driving and providing constructive feedback.
By Safeco
Home security technology: Keeping you ahead of the burglars
January 8, 2019
Back in the early days of home security "systems," around the end of World War I, it was common for homeowners to hire "door shakers"—night watchmen who would literally walk around and check doors to make sure they were locked. Things are just a little bit different now, thanks to expanding technology and decreasing costs. Here's a rundown of some of the options you have to protect your home, from all-in-one systems to separate components for do-it-yourselfers.
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