McGriff-Williams Insurance raises awareness

McGriff-Williams Insurance raises awareness
September 25, 2017
By Safeco
I became involved with Plenty of Pit Bulls several years ago after learning what they do to help dogs in our community. I had two pit bulls at the time, so this organization’s mission spoke to me — the volunteers rescue and rehabilitate dogs in overcrowded shelters, or those who have been victims of cruelty and dog fighting.  

First, the dogs are matched with foster homes, where they can learn basic manners and volunteers can learn about their personalities. Then, they go to adoptive homes. Since 2012, more than 200 dogs have been saved. Rehabilitation, love and kindness goes a long way with all dogs, and pit bulls are no different.

Today, I run the social-media accounts for Plenty of Pit Bulls, and along with many of my coworkers, I frequently participate in fundraisers and events.

McGriff-Williams has been amazing at providing sponsorships and donations, and not just to Plenty of Pit Bulls, but to all kinds of organizations and events in the community that are meaningful to our employees. It’s rewarding to work for such a supportive and giving company.

It’s easier than people think to get involved — something as small as sharing a post online or clicking the “like” button can help in massive ways. After all, if it wasn’t for a community like Facebook, Plenty of Pit Bulls wouldn’t have had the chance to win this donation from Safeco! You might not be able to volunteer, but at least make sure you’re being heard. It really makes a difference.

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