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Is Working in the ‘Sharing Economy’ for You?

Posted by Safeco May 25, 2015
Thinking of taking up ride sharing or home sharing? First things first, review these potential benefits and risks to help you determine whether it’s for you. Ride sharing or home sharing can be a great way to earn extra income, so long as you’re well informed and comfortable with certain consequences that may arise. Read more

Mark Memorial Day the Right Way

Posted by Safeco May 21, 2015
We all look forward to Memorial Day as the unofficial start of summer, but it’s really a day to remember and honor the service men and women we have lost. It doesn’t take much to show your respects – just a moment of silence or a visit to a cemetery. Learn other ways you can honor our fallen heroes for their sacrifice. Read more

Make More Happen Contest Delivers $34,550 to Charities

Posted by Safeco May 19, 2015
Teams from Texas, Idaho and California have taken the top three spots in the Spring 2015 Make More Happen Contest, and they couldn’t have done it without your support. Learn who came in first, second and third and why all 33 agency-charity teams in the contest came out on top – thanks to your votes. Read more

Keep Your Garden Green, Your Water Bill Low

Posted by Safeco May 18, 2015
Your garden needs water to be healthy – just be smart about how much you use. Watering too frequently can be bad for your plants, after all, and it wastes water in a time of dry conditions and drought. With these water-wise gardening tips, you can have a green garden and reduce your water usage, too. Read more

4 Factors That Can Make Convertibles Expensive to Insure

Posted by Safeco May 14, 2015
If you can’t afford the insurance payments, you just can’t afford the car. So be sure you know how much it will cost to insure the convertible of your dreams before you drive it off the lot. Here are four reasons why you may spend more insuring a convertible than a standard car. Read more
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