snowmobile insurance

Snowmobile Insurance Discounts & Savings Options
Since you're a safe and responsible rider, you have many ways to reduce the cost of snowmobile insurance. Talk with your agent about how you could save up to 45% on your premiums by doing the following:

+Take a Safety Course-Take a Safety CourseTake a Safety Course
You'll get a discount that lasts three years when you complete a safety course offered by an approved organization
+Prior Insurance Discount-Prior Insurance DiscountPrior Insurance Discount
You qualify for a discount when you offer proof of prior snowmobile coverage with another insurance carrier.
+Go for a Ride-Go for a RideGo for a Ride
Experienced snowmobilers are safer riders. And the longer you ride without a claim, the lower your premiums. Bonus! We'll even automatically adjust your policy for age and riding experience each year at renewal time to make sure you have the lowest possible premiums. So you can keep doing what you love, knowing you’re getting great coverage and outstanding value.
+Store Your Snowmobile in a Garage-Store Your Snowmobile in a GarageStore Your Snowmobile in a Garage
You get a discount for storing your snowmobile in a locked garage or other secure location.
+Own Your Home-Own Your HomeOwn Your Home
You can save big on snowmobile insurance if you own your own home, townhouse, condominium, or mobile home.
+Theft Recovery-Theft RecoveryTheft Recovery
Having a theft recovery device on your snowmobile helps lower your rates.
+Even More Ways to Save-Even More Ways to SaveEven More Ways to Save
Other ways to save on your monthly premiums include:
  • Insuring more than one snowmobile, motorcycle, golf cart, ATV, dirt bike or other off-road vehicle with Safeco.
  • Carrying other Safeco policies including home, auto, renters, or condo.
  • Maintaining continuous coverage.
  • Paying your bill in full.
  • Making a claim-free renewal.
  • Choosing a higher deductible, which generally lowers your monthly premiums.