Safeco Safety Rewards™

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You believe in doing things the right way, and Safeco believes you deserve to be rewarded. It’s simple: You take simple steps every day to make you and your family safer, and Safeco gives you discounts and rewards – benefits that lower your insurance costs. More for less: That’s what true value is all about. Talk to your local independent agent to learn more about controlling the cost of your auto insurance.
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Safeco Safety Rewards* include:

Diminishing Deductible
Your collision deductible will decrease at every renewal if there are no claims filed against your policy. The deductible will continue to decrease for up to five years or until the $500 maximum is reached.

Accident Forgiveness
The first accident on your policy is waived after a set number of years with Safeco without an at-fault accident or violation.

Accident Prevention
Drivers within a defined age range (55+ in most states) who have successfully completed an approved accident prevention course may be eligible for a discount.

Teen Safety Rewards™
Teen Safety Rewards provides a collection of tools, benefits and discounts to help your teen become a safer driver and to help you manage the cost of adding a teen driver to your policy. Discounts* include:

  • Good student discount.
  • Driver training discount.
  • Tips for teen drivers, and more.

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*Discounts and availability vary by state.