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Catalog your belongings and be ready for a personal property claim.

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What: A free app that guides you through creating an inventory of your personal belongings and their value, using photos, receipts and more. It’s quick, easy, and you can upload your home inventory to the cloud – all for free.

Who: For everyone, including homeowners and renters alike, not just Safeco customers. Really, everyone.

Why: Because you love your stuff, and having a catalog of it comes in handy when you file a personal property claim on your homeowners insurance or renters insurance. It helps expedite the claim and ensure you’re properly reimbursed.

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Home Inventory App Features
The Safeco Home Inventory app makes it easy to catalog all of your belongings, from the big things you use daily, like your sofa, to the little things that tug on your heartstrings, such as jewelry. You can:
  • Catalog items by room and/or by category.
  • Take and store photos, scan barcodes, record purchase prices, and enter other item details.
  • Quickly browse your belongings in a virtual gallery.
  • Save your home inventory as a spreadsheet or a PDF.
  • Upload your inventory to secure cloud storage for free in case your mobile device is ever lost or damaged.
+Why Do You Need a Home Inventory?-Why Do You Need a Home Inventory?Why Do You Need a Home Inventory?
You need a home inventory because you don’t just love your home, condo, apartment, or townhouse. You love what’s in it. Your furniture, artwork, electronics, kitchenware, sports equipment, clothing, jewelry and so much more.

And, when you add it all up, your personal belongings are usually worth more than you realize - $20,000, $40,000 - maybe even more. It’s important to know how much, and to know exactly what you have, in case you ever need to file a personal property claim with your homeowners insurance or renters insurance carrier.

You might file a claim for the theft of your jewelry and electronics. Or, for the loss of all your possessions due to a fire. In these and other cases, would you know exactly what was missing and remember its cost or appraisal value?

With a home inventory, you don’t have to remember or guess. You have a record of everything you own, and you can easily submit it to your insurance carrier. It makes the claims process easier for everyone and comes to your aid in a stressful situation.

Your homeowners insurance or renters insurance should include personal property coverage to help you when your valued belongings are lost, stolen or damaged (check your policy for specific details). So, be sure you’re able to take full advantage of your coverage when you need it. Create your home inventory now, before something happens and you’re left wondering exactly how much you paid for your stereo system or how many karats your heirloom diamond earrings contained.

The Safeco Home Inventory app makes it easy. Simply download the app and start cataloging your belongings, room by room. You can include photos, purchase dates, receipts, serial numbers and other important details.

It’s your stuff. Know what you have and how much it’s worth. Then, sit back and relax, knowing you’re covered if it’s ever lost, damaged or stolen.

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iPhone Home Inventory App

iPad Home Inventory App