the auto claims process: estimates and repairs

Get a car estimate. Get it fixed.

Even a minor fender-bender can be a major inconvenience. As a Safeco customer, look to your dedicated claims representative to ease you through the repair process following an accident. Here’s what you can expect, though your claims experience may vary:

Car Insurance Investigations and Inspections
First Safeco needs to understand exactly what happened in order to determine the coverage you are entitled to within your policy. We’ll do our best to be speedy, and you can help by providing all of the requested information and possibly even photos.

If an inspection is needed, Safeco will examine your vehicle at your home, workplace, a repair shop, or another location to assess the damage. If the damage is extensive you may be looking at a total loss.

Insurance Tip: Understand what your policy does and doesn’t cover before you get into an accident. For example, the typical auto policy does not cover rental cars unless you purchase that coverage. For details on your coverage, log in to or contact your agent.

Auto Repair Estimates
Before work begins on your car, a repair shop needs to estimate how much it’s going to cost. A shop from Safeco’s Guaranteed Repair Network1 will give you priority status, estimating the cost of repairs and starting work right away.

Plus, we guarantee the work of our network shops for as long as you own your car.2 If you prefer, take your car to a shop outside the network for repairs. However, if you choose your own shop, we cannot guarantee its work.

Insurance-Covered Repairs
With an approved estimate in hand, the repair shop of your choice gets to work getting you back on the road. In the process, the shop may find additional damage. For Guaranteed Repair Network shops, it’s not an issue. They have prior approval to fix all accident-related damage, even if it wasn’t included in the initial estimate. For other shops, it’s as simple as sending a new or amended estimate for Safeco’s approval. In most cases, customers ask us to pay the shop directly, and that’s just fine. Or we can send the payment to you or, if needed, to you and your lender.

We know you want all of this to happen as quickly as possible. A network shop will prioritize your repairs and do the kind of quality work you deserve, guaranteed. Read more about the Guaranteed Repair Network.

File a Claim
Call 1-800-332-3226
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File an Auto Claim Online
The online claims process is fast, simple, and convenient. We'll walk you through to ensure every step along the way is captured, and you can make updates to the information you give us at any time. Then you can easily manage your claim and track its progress in your online account after you've filed.

1 Guaranteed Repair Network not available in Rhode Island or Massachusetts. In these states we offer you our Superior Service Program (SSP), which is similar to the Guaranteed Repair Network, However, the estimate is completed by a Safeco Insurance appraiser. For more information, speak with your Safeco Insurance Claims Representative.

2 Under our President’s Guarantee™, Safeco Insurance will repair or replace any defective work of the Guaranteed Repair Network facility. Damage caused by normal wear and tear, improper maintenance or unreasonable use is not covered.