Redo. Recover. Rewind®

Don't pay higher insurance rates after a speeding ticket, minor violation or at-fault accident. Let Rewind get you back to the rate you deserve. Instantly.

Start Over

If you’re a responsible driver who is willing to demonstrate how well you drive, we’ll give you the opportunity to prove you don’t deserve higher rates after a driving setback.

Immediate Savings

We’ll forgive you. Right now. We’ll waive your driving setback for the first policy term just for agreeing to participate. Rewind can be applied to a driving setback and we don’t require several years of claims-free history before you become eligible.

Participation Is Easy

Plug It in

Rewind is easy to install yourself. Simply plug the free Rewind device into the passenger vehicle you drive most. It usually takes less than a minute and doesn’t require tools.


The Rewind device will automatically collect data as you drive, including your speed, quick starts and hard stops. At the end of the four month evaluation period, we’ll use the data to determine your driving safety score. You will also receive a pre-paid envelope for returning the device.

Get Results

You can access your driving data and monitor your progress online at any time.

Permanent Forgiveness

Successfully demonstrate your safe driving skills by getting a passing driving safety score at the end of the short evaluation period, and we’ll permanently waive your driving setback, like it never happened.

How to Enroll

Rewind is not yet available in all areas. Contact your local Safeco agent to find out if Rewind is available in your area.

For more information, see frequently asked questions about Rewind.

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