West Virginia Homeowners Insurance

Living in the Appalachia

West Virginians have enjoyed their own distinct way of life in Appalachia for generations. From Harpers Ferry to Lewisburg and Charleston to Wheeling, Safeco offers insurance for wherever you call home in West Virginia. When considering home insurance coverage in West Virginia, keep in mind how the climate and acts of nature have the ability to adversely affect your home and property in the Mountain State. Get your West Virginia home insurance quote today.

West Virginia Home Insurance Choices

Safeco Essential™

With standard coverage to help pay for repairs or to rebuild your home and other buildings on your property, Safeco Essential™ offers West Virginia homeowners an affordable blend of home insurance coverage and value.

Safeco New Quality-Plus™

For West Virginia homeowners looking for more than our standard level of coverage, Safeco New Quality-Plus™ offers additional coverage and higher limits than Safeco Essential™.

Safeco Optimum™

For West Virginia homeowners who need additional coverage for extensive assets and treasured belongings, Safeco Optimum™ offers increased levels of protection.

West Virginia Home Insurance Requirements

All home insurance companies in West Virginia are required to offer mine subsidence coverage to West Virginia homeowners. In certain counties if you choose to decline this coverage it must be done so in writing. Ask your Safeco home insurance agent for a written form if you’d like to decline this coverage on your West Virginia home insurance policy.

West Virginia Home Insurance Discounts

Safeco offers several ways for West Virginians to lower your homeowners insurance bill. Talk to your local Safeco insurance agent about home insurance discounts available to homeowners in West Virginia.

West Virginia Home Insurance Coverage Options

All Safeco West Virginia homeowners insurance policies come packed with standard coverage to help pay for repairs or to rebuild your home and other buildings on your property. Also called endorsements or riders, West Virginians have the option to choose even more types of home insurance coverage in addition to our many popular home insurance coverage options.

Coal Mine Subsidence Insurance

Abandoned coal mines throughout the state pose threats to West Virginia homes and communities. When an underground mine collapses, the ground surface above the mine settles into a trough and sometimes creates a sinkhole. Movement of the ground surface below your home can cause foundation and structural damage.

Home Business

Coverage for property, merchandise and liability related to some types of home-based businesses such as music lessons, tutoring and accounting can be added to your West Virginia homeowners policy.

Home Day Care

Get liability coverage for home day care services provided in your home for up to three people.

Hobby Farm Insurance

If your farm is not your main source of income and meets certain eligibility requirements, incidental farming coverage helps cover the cost of damage to your farm property, tools and equipment and for animal collisions. Your home insurance liability coverage is extended to your hobby farm and adds medical payments for farm employees. Ask your Safeco agent if hobby farm insurance is right for you and your farm.

Libel and Slander

Protection for nonphysical injuries like libel and slander are not part of a standard home insurance policy. Add personal offense coverage personal offense coverage to help protect yourself against libel and slander liability.

Severe Weather and Acts of Nature in West Virginia

Flooding in West Virginia

Flooding can and does happen in any state. Heavy spring rain and spring snowmelt are common source of excess water that leads to flooding. Flash flooding is particularly a problem in areas where strip mining or wildfires have occurred. Harpers Ferry has a long history of floods on record that date back to the mid-18th century.

Is flood damage covered by home insurance in West Virginia?

Flood damage is not covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy. To insure your home against flood damage, you need to purchase flood insurance backed by the National Flood Insurance Program. Learn more about floods on the Flood Smart website.

Mudslides and Mudflows in West Virginia

Mudflows are different than mudslides. According to the National Flood Insurance Program “mudflows are rivers of liquid and flowing mud on the surface of normally dry land.” Mudslides are a type of landslide typically caused by sloping ground inundated with water.

Are mudslides and mudflows covered by home insurance?

Mudlfows and mudslides are not generally covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy. Mudflows are covered by flood insurance. Mudslides may be covered by flood insurance if they meet strict criteria.

Thunderstorms, Hail and Lightning

Thunderstorms bring high winds, hail and lightning. Lightning can start fires and cause electrical surges that damage home electronics. Lightning and high winds can knock over trees and tree branches that can cause damage to your home or your neighbor’s home and property. Hail is capable of causing significant damage to roofing, skylights and windows.

Does home insurance cover lightning strikes and hail damage?

Most lightning and wind damage associated with thunderstorms is covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy, as is the cost to repair common hail damage to your roof, siding and personal belongings.

Wildfires in West Virginia

Wildfires in West Virginia are most commonly started by debris burning, arson, sparks from machinery, campfires and lightning.

Does home insurance cover wildfire damage?

Most standard home insurance policies typically cover the cost to repair common wildfire damage to your home and personal belongings.

Tornadoes in West Virginia

West Virginia is mostly hills and mountains, which is not ideal terrain for tornedoes. However, a few tornadoes do touch down each year in the state.

Is tornado damage covered by home insurance?

Your standard home insurance typically covers the cost to repair damage caused by a tornado.

Winter Weather in West Virginia

Below freezing temperatures, snow and freezing rain in the Mountain State winter can damage your home and property. Common winter weather problems include frozen pipes, roof collapse from snow, falling trees and branches and ice damage.

Is home damage caused by winter weather covered?

Your home insurance policy typically helps cover the cost to repair common winter weather damage to your roof, plumbing and personal belongings.

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