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Driving in the Evergreen State

In the only state named after a president you’ll find volcanoes, rain forests, glaciers, waterfalls, grasslands, ancient riverbeds and desert canyons. Split by the Cascade Range, lush evergreens and rain forests to the west give Washington state its evergreen nickname. When you drive east on Interstate 90 into the rain shadow of the Cascade Range you’ll discover a landscape of grasslands, Ponderosa pine and tumbleweeds. Wherever you’re driving in Washington, remember that motor vehicles registered in the state need to be covered with at least the minimum Washington state car insurance coverage. Talk to your local Safeco insurance agent about coverage that is right for you and to get your Washington auto insurance quote today.

Washington Car Insurance Laws

Car Insurance in Washington

Is car insurance required in Washington? Yes.
All motor vehicles registered in Washington must::

  • Be covered by at least the minimum liability levels

All Washington licensed drivers must:

  • Be able to show proof of insurance

To learn more about Washington car insurance rates, get your Washington car insurance quote today.

Washington Auto Insurance Requirements

What is the minimum car insurance coverage in Washington?

Auto insurance requirements vary by state. Most states require you to have both bodily injury liability and property damage liability coverage. Some states require personal injury protection and/or uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.

Talk to your Washington Safeco agent for personal advice about product availability in your area and how much coverage is right for you.

Proof of Insurance in Washington

What is proof of insurance?

It’s documentation that verifies a current insurance policy or other form of financial responsibility.

Is proof of insurance required in Washington?

Yes. All Washington drivers must be able to show evidence that they’re insured if asked to do so by a law enforcement officer.

Proof of insurance in Washington can include:

  • A printed insurance ID card issued by your insurance company
  • A digital insurance ID card viewable on your smartphone or hand-held device

Is electronic proof of insurance accepted in Washington state?

What is electronic proof of insurance?

Electronic proof of insurance allows drivers in Washington to use your smartphone or mobile electronic device to display a digital version of your insurance ID as valid proof of insurance.

  • Washington drivers can also display an electronic version of their registration when asked to do so by a law enforcement officer.

Proof of Financial Responsibility in Washington

What is proof of financial responsibility?

It’s evidence that you have the have the ability and monetary resources to pay for potential damages caused by your car.

Is proof of financial responsibility required in Washington?

Yes. There are several ways to establish financial responsibility in Washington state. The most common and easiest way is to buy Washington auto liability insurance.

Mobile Phones and Texting While Driving Laws in Washington

  • Everyone is prohibited from using hand-held mobile communication devices while driving in the state of Washington.
  • Everyone is prohibited from texting and driving in the state of Washington.
  • Drivers over the age of 18 are allowed to use hands-free cell phones while driving.

Recommended Auto Insurance Coverage

If you’re involved in an accident, the minimum car insurance requirements in Washington may not be enough to protect you financially from expensive repair and medical costs. Liability insurance will only help pay for the other driver’s expenses. It will not help pay for your own expenses. As a safe, responsible driver, consider raising your liability limits and adding collision, comprehensive and medical payments to your policy.

All car insurance companies in Washington offer policies to cover Washington auto insurance coverage requirements. Talk to your local Safeco insurance agent about a level of coverage that is right for you and to get a Washington auto insurance quote.

Washington Auto Insurance Coverage Options

In addition to car insurance coverage required in Washington state and our popular auto insurance coverage options, Washington drivers have even more coverage choices.

Safeco Optimum Package Plus™

For as little as $8 a month get a diminishing collision deductible that decreases $50 every six months, or $100 with an annual policy renewal, for a maximum of up to $500. Plus, increase your personal property coverage up to $1,000 for items stolen from your vehicle, enjoy electronic lock and key replacement coverage with no deductible and much more.

OEM Parts

For cars, vans and pickups less than 10 years old, original replacement parts coverage helps with the cost to use new original equipment manufactured parts for repairs and replacement. If you prefer to use OEM car parts instead of aftermarket car parts, OEM parts coverage allows you to use original equipment manufactured parts when they’re available.

Washington Auto Insurance Discounts

There are numerous ways to save and lower your car insurance rate in Washington state. In addition to our popular car insurance discounts, Washington drivers have even more opportunities to save.

More Than One Policy

Washingtonians who also have an active home, condominium or renters policy with Safeco may qualify for an auto insurance discount.

Keep a Clean Driving Record

Washington state drivers who maintain a good driving record for at least 34 months may qualify for accident-free and violation-free discounts on their auto insurance rate.

Advance Quote

New Safeco customers with a policy that starts at least one day after receiving a quote are eligible for a discount. Get your Washington car insurance quote today and start saving tomorrow.

Young Drivers in Washington

Getting Your First Driver’s License

Minimum age to get a driving instruction permit in Washington: 15
Minimum age to obtain an intermediate driver’s license in Washington: 16
Minimum age to obtain a full driver’s license in Washington: 18

Teens, Mobile Phones and Texting While Driving

Drivers under the age of 18 in Washington state are prohibited from using any type of hand-held or hand-free mobile communication device, including talking a cell phone and texting.

Road Trips and Scenic Drives in Washington

Chinook Scenic Byway

Enjoy breathtaking views of Mount Rainier when you follow state Highway 410 through the Snoqualmie National Forest. Named after Native Americans who lived along the Columbia River, this route takes you through the Chinook Pass at an elevation of 5430 feet.

Mountains to Sound Greenway

Cross the Cascade Range when you drive along Interstate 90 from Ellensburg in eastern Washington to Seattle. This stretch of interstate highway is lined with evergreens and mountain views, and reaches an elevation of 3000 feet through the Snoqualmie Pass.

Strait of Juan de Fuca Highway

Starting just west of Port Angeles, state Highway 112 follows the northern Olympic Peninsula coast along the Strait of Juan de Fuca all the way to Neah Bay.

Things to Do in Washington

Visit Mount St. Helens National Monument

It was only thirty years ago that Mount St. Helens erupted. Take state Highway 504 to the Johnston Ridge Observatory for a spectacular view of the remaining crater and surrounding landscape. Or hike all the way to the crater rim for an unforgettable glimpse into the mouth of a volcano.

See the Grand Coulee Dam

Located in eastern Washington about 90 miles west of Spokane, the Grand Coulee Dam is one of the largest concrete structures in the world and is the nation’s largest producer of hydroelectric power.

Get Wet in the Hoh Rain Forest

Located inside the Olympic National Park, the Hoh rain forest receives 12 to 14 feet, yes feet, of rain per year. That’s a lot of rain. Take U.S. Route 101 to Upper Hoh Road.

Ski and Snowboard

From traditional alpine skiing and snowboarding to Nordic and challenging backcountry skiing, ski season in Washington can last well into June.

Fun Facts About Washington

State nicknames: Evergreen State
Residents are called: Washingtonians
National parks: Mount Rainier, North Cascades, Olympic
National monuments: Mount Rainier, North Cascades, Olympic
MLB team: Seattle Mariners
NFL team: Seattle Seahawks
MLS team: Seattle Sounders
Native marine bivalve: Geoduck
Mythical inhabitant: Sasquatch
Largest U.S. hydropower producer: Grand Coulee Dam
Washington state tree: Western hemlock
Number of major volcanoes: Five
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