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5 Things to Know About Flood Insurance

Posted by Shaun Murphy, Pablo Beach Insurance September 15, 2016
From coastal areas to inland locales, minor to severe flooding can occur just about anywhere. Yet the typical homeowners insurance policy does not cover flood damage. Flood insurance, however, can. Learn all about it from an independent agent in the know. Read more

Driving in Extreme Heat: Keep Cool on Summer’s Hot Roads

Posted by Safeco August 4, 2016
When the sun’s out, you naturally feel the urge to be on the go, but extreme heat can take a serious toll on your vehicle. Learn how to minimize the effects so the heat doesn’t wreck your enjoyment of being on the road. Read more

5 Tips for Driving in a Sandstorm

Posted by Safeco June 23, 2016
Dangerous winds cross through the American Southwest every year. If a sandstorm blows in while you’re on the road, use these tips to help you get through it safely. Read more

High Wind on the Open Road: 5 Driving Tips for Hurricane Season

Posted by Safeco May 16, 2016
The high winds of a tropical storm or hurricane can make driving highly dangerous. Brush up on these hurricane driving tips in case you get caught on the road in severe storm conditions. Read more

Does Your Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

Posted by Safeco May 5, 2016
In a matter of seconds, hail can severely damage your home’s roof or your car’s paint job. Would your insurance cover the repairs? This blog outlines five important things to know about insurance coverage for hail damage. Read more

Disaster Planning for Pet Owners

Posted by Safeco April 25, 2016
Your pets aren’t like family. They are family. So, if a disaster were to strike in your area, of course you’d want to do everything you could to keep them safe. These emergency preparedness and response tips will help. Read more

Tornados and Driving Safety

Posted by Safeco April 7, 2016
Being in a basement or other storm shelter is typically your best defense, but if a tornado catches you out in the open, these guidelines could help save your life. Read more

After the Storm, Is Your Food Still Safe?

Posted by Safeco March 14, 2016
A lot can go wrong both during and after a storm, including getting sick off spoiled food. These tips will help you avoid that fate. Read more

Navigate Rainy Roadways With Care

Posted by Safeco March 3, 2016
No matter if driving in the rain is a regular or a rare occurrence, you can make use of these tips to help you safely find your way and recognize when conditions are just too unsafe to continue. Read more

Protecting Your Home From Winter Weather

Posted by Safeco January 18, 2016
Winter can be hard on your home, so use these tips to help ease the strain. With the proper upkeep during winter, your home will help keep you and your entire family safe and warm all season long. Read more

What to Do After a Car Accident in Winter

Posted by Safeco January 14, 2016
Slide off the road? Get caught in a pile-up? The worse the weather gets, the more treacherous the driving becomes. We hope you’re not involved in any accidents this winter, but, if you are, here’s how to stay safety-minded afterward. Read more

Steps to Help Prevent Frozen Pipes—or Unfreeze Them

Posted by Safeco December 24, 2015
Keep freezing temperatures from leading to frozen pipes at your home or vacation home this winter. These tips will help. Read more

10 Pet Safety Tips for Winter

Posted by Safeco December 7, 2015
Whether your furry friends dive head first into the snow or turn tail and run back inside, these tips will help all of you enjoy the season safely. Read more

6 Dos and Don’ts for Driving on Snow and Ice

Posted by Safeco November 23, 2015
When the weather outside is frightful, driving conditions are anything but delightful. Use these winter driving tips to help avoid the ditch and stay safely on the road. Read more

Your Guide to Winter Weather Alerts

Posted by Safeco November 2, 2015
Winter is coming, and so are the storm advisories and warnings that come with it – leaving us all wondering if we should panic now or panic later. Instead, learn what the four primary winter storm alerts mean so you can know how and when to prepare. It sure beats panicking! Read more

Roofing Scams: When to Be Wary

Posted by Safeco August 27, 2015
There’s no better time for a roofing scam than in the days and weeks following a considerable storm. So, what should you be wary of? Read this blog to find out. Read more

6 Steps to Help Prevent Basement Flooding

Posted by Safeco August 17, 2015
When it’s pouring outside, help ensure your basement stays dry with these useful tips for your foundation, your landscaping and, of course, your basement itself. Read more

Hurricane Defense: How to Strengthen Damage-Prone Parts of Your Property

Posted by Safeco August 13, 2015
Whether from a hurricane or tropical storm or just from high winds, your home is susceptible to some serious damage. So why not take a few steps to reinforce your home where it’s most vulnerable? Read more

8 Types of Clouds – And The Stormy Weather They May Bring

Posted by Safeco August 11, 2015
When the sky turns menacing, are you in for a light shower, a heavy downpour or worse? Find out by learning what conditions are typically associated with eight different clouds. Read more

10 Lightning Myths Debunked

Posted by Safeco June 25, 2015
You may think you know how to stay safe in a lightning storm. But, much of what you’ve heard may merely be myth. Take a look at these debunked lightning myths so you have a better idea of what to do the next time it strikes. Read more

How to Hang in There When the Lights Go Out

Posted by Safeco June 22, 2015
For those times when you’re in the dark, allow us to shed some light on how to stay safe in a power outage. By knowing how to respond when the power goes out, there’ll be no need for the panic to set in. Read more

After the Storm: How to Check Your Property for Damage

Posted by Safeco March 23, 2015
After a big storm hits, take a close look around your home and property to check for damage to your roof, trees and other structures. Acting quickly can help you address any wear and tear before it has a chance to get worse. Use this checklist to conduct a storm damage inspection. Read more

5 Things to Know About Fallen Trees and Insurance Coverage

Posted by Safeco March 16, 2015
When a tree falls on your property, are you covered? In many instances, your home insurance or auto insurance covers you for a fallen tree. But, not in every instance. Learn the difference so you know what to expect when recovering from storm damage this spring. Read more

Worrisome Winter Roof Danger: Ice Dams

Posted by Safeco February 12, 2015
We understand if you’re tired of seeing snow – it’s been quite a winter – but everyone who lives in a snowy climate should turn their gaze upward, to their roofs. If ice dams are forming there, your roof may soon start leaking. Learn why and what you can do to help prevent ice dams from making your winter soggier than it already is. Read more

Helping Seniors Have a Wonderful Winter

Posted by Safeco January 19, 2015
The hazards of winter affect us all, but remember that your senior family members – and your neighbors, too – may require some extra support this season. Learn what you can do to help them prevent falls, stay safe at home and ride out any winter storms that are headed their way. Read more

Icy Sidewalks: Are You Liable If Someone Falls?

Posted by Safeco January 12, 2015
Could an icy patch on the sidewalk in front of your home lead to a homeowners liability claim or even a lawsuit against you? It’s happened to other property owners, so learn what you need to know about snow removal responsibilities and how to help protect yourself – and others. Read more

Safety Items to Keep In Your Car – the Winter Edition

Posted by Safeco January 5, 2015
Even good drivers can end up in a bad situation in severe weather, so learn what’s essential to have in your car to help you stay safe on (and off) the road this winter. Read more

The Right Tires for Winter Driving

Posted by Safeco December 22, 2014
The weather has changed, but have you given any thought to changing your tires? Learn why you may want to consider driving on winter tires, as well as how to maintain them, for better safety in the cold, snow and ice. Read more

Winter Is Coming – Get Your Home and Family Ready

Posted by Safeco November 17, 2014
Prepare now for that winter weather – and storm – that’s coming later. These winter preparation tips will help get your household ready for the cold and snow. Read more

5 Wildfire Prevention Tips for Fall

Posted by Safeco September 15, 2014
Even as the weather starts to cool this fall, many areas in the U.S. remain at risk for wildfires. These wildfire prevention tips can help keep you, the ones you love and the wilderness you enjoy safe this fall – and during any season of the year. Read more

What to Put in Your Emergency Preparedness Kit

Posted by Safeco September 8, 2014
Setting aside food, water, medicine and other supplies for an emergency can help keep your family safe during a natural disaster or power outage. Make – or update – an emergency kit now that National Preparedness Month is here so you’re ready when the time comes. Read more

The Ins & Outs of Staying Cool in a Power Outage

Posted by Safeco July 7, 2014
When the power is down and the mercury is rising, use these tips to help keep everyone, including pets, healthy, happy and safe. Read more

Tornado Truths

Posted by Safeco April 7, 2014
You can’t control the weather or the outcome of a destructive storm but there are steps you can take to help you and your family remain protected in the event of a tornado. Begin by knowing fact from myth when it comes to tornado safety. Read more

Protection During a Hailstorm

Posted by Safeco March 10, 2014
With approximately 3,000 hailstorms in the U.S. each year in varying sizes the chances of damage and harm can be pretty high. Here’s some pointers to stay safe if you get stuck on the road when a hailstorm hits. Read more

Winterizing Your Home

Posted by Andrea Chatwood November 25, 2013
Every year, it’s important to check on areas of the house that may be susceptible to wear and tear from the extreme cold. Taking time to winterize your home can help you avoid unexpected expenses and accidents. Read more

Wireless Emergency Alerts

Posted by Brion Kinne June 19, 2013
A public service provided by the federal government in cooperation with wireless carriers, wireless emergency alerts are warning messages automatically sent to your mobile phone about severe weather and other safety threats in your area. Read more
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