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9 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Classic Car Insurance

Posted by Safeco September 22, 2016
Your collector car has a special place in your garage – and your heart. So, be sure you get the insurance coverage you want for it. Discussing these classic car insurance questions with your independent agent will help. Read more

5 Things to Know About Flood Insurance

Posted by Shaun Murphy, Pablo Beach Insurance September 15, 2016
From coastal areas to inland locales, minor to severe flooding can occur just about anywhere. Yet the typical homeowners insurance policy does not cover flood damage. Flood insurance, however, can. Learn all about it from an independent agent in the know. Read more

Can Your Insurance Take The Heat?

Posted by Frank Siciliano, WHINS Insurance Agency September 8, 2016
Even as the fall season approaches, high temperatures across the country continue to take a toll on our vehicles and homes. An independent agent outlines whether or not insurance may come to your aid in four heat-related mishaps. Read more

Device Insurance: Cover Your Personal Electronics With the Policy You Already Have

Posted by Safeco September 1, 2016
Think about how much you have invested in electronics. Now think about having to replace all of it all at once due to a fire, theft or other incident. It’s not too appealing a thought, which is why it’s important to understand how your homeowners policy or renters policy covers electronics. Read more

Safety Pays: How to Earn a Safe Boater Discount

Posted by Safeco August 29, 2016
If your state requires a class in the basics before you get your boating license or certificate, that course might earn you an insurance discount as well. Even if the state doesn’t require it, taking a course could help you save on insurance. Read more

5 Basic Things Every Landlord Must Know About Insurance

Posted by Frank Siciliano, WHINS Insurance Agency August 18, 2016
An independent agent explains the basics of landlord insurance to help you better understand this specialized type of insurance coverage. Read more

5 Things to Know About Roadside Assistance

Posted by Safeco August 15, 2016
You wouldn’t drive without a roadside assistance plan. But, do you fully understand what your plan does and doesn’t cover? Check out this blog for help! Read more

Does Home Insurance Cover Trampolines?

Posted by April McBriarty-Weismann, HPM Insurance August 11, 2016
Trampolines increase the likelihood of injuries occurring on your property, which could lead to liability claims and even lawsuits. What does your carrier have to say about trampolines? An independent agent explores the issue. Read more

College Students and Insurance: A Primer for Parents

College is a new adventure for students and parents alike. Are your insurance policies ready for what’s ahead? These tips from an independent insurance agent will help you, your undergrad and your policies all make the transition together. Read more

8 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Car Insurance

Posted by Safeco July 28, 2016
Asking questions about car insurance is smart. After all, you design your own policy, adding options, adjusting coverage limits and selecting a deductible that meet your needs. Here are several car insurance questions to discuss with your independent agent to help ensure you get the coverage you want. Read more

3 Car Insurance Coverages You Can No Longer Ignore

A lot can happen when you’re on the road. Does your auto insurance policy cover you for many of the possible scenarios or just a few? An independent agent outlines three types of car insurance coverages to consider adding to your policy to further your protection. Read more

How Much Does Home Insurance Cost?

Posted by Shaun Murphy, Pablo Beach Insurance July 11, 2016
Even similar homes within the same neighborhood can have drastically different home insurance costs. An independent agent explains several of the factors driving insurance rates to help you better understand your own home insurance costs. Read more

8 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Boat Insurance

Posted by Safeco June 27, 2016
Insuring your vessel helps you enjoy your time on the water rather than fret about the unexpected. Bring these questions to your independent insurance agent so you can make an informed decision about your boat coverage and options. Read more

Answering 3 of the Most Common Questions About Auto Insurance

An independent agent takes on questions such as “Does auto insurance cover the car or the driver?” to help you better understand your coverage, which is essential to your peace of mind both on and off the road. Read more

Does Your Condo Policy Cover Loss Assessments?

Your condo community’s HOA just doled out a $50,000 assessment – your share of the cost for emergency repairs. Now what? Before you ever get to that question, get on the phone to your independent agent to double check your Loss Assessment Coverage. Read more

Wedding Insurance: Say ‘Yes,’ Avoid Distress

Posted by Safeco May 19, 2016
You’re planning a big to-do over saying “I do,” but do your wedding plans include event insurance? And, are your rings covered? Learn how insurance can play a role in your big day – and what follows. Read more

What’s Different About Classic Car Insurance?

You made a significant investment in your classic, and driving and maintaining it are your pride and joy. An independent insurance agent explains why classic car coverage is likely a better bet for your vintage beauty than standard auto insurance. Read more

Does Your Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

Posted by Safeco May 5, 2016
In a matter of seconds, hail can severely damage your home’s roof or your car’s paint job. Would your insurance cover the repairs? This blog outlines five important things to know about insurance coverage for hail damage. Read more

5 Dos and Don’ts of Filing a Home Insurance Claim

Posted by Shaun Murphy, Pablo Beach Insurance April 28, 2016
Experiencing home damage can be overwhelming, but the claims process doesn’t have to be. An independent agent explains what you can do to help ease the strain. Read more

6 Questions to Ask Before You Buy RV Insurance

Posted by Safeco April 21, 2016
You may expect your RV insurance policy to look a lot like an auto policy, but don’t forget coverage for your personal belongings and protection against trip interruption. Here are questions about RV insurance you can ask your independent agent to help ensure you get the coverage you want. Read more

4 Instances When Umbrella Insurance Is a Must

Ever wonder what might happen if someone sued you for millions and won? Your insurance coverage might help with the settlement, but then again it may not be enough. An independent agent explains why and outlines how an umbrella policy offers added protection. Read more

Dogs and Home Insurance

Posted by Safeco April 11, 2016
You fell in love at the animal shelter, and now you have a new furry friend joining your family. Be sure to let your independent insurance agent know – this blog explains why. Read more

Why Is My Car a Total Loss? And, Now What?

Posted by Shaun Murphy, Pablo Beach Insurance April 4, 2016
At a loss on what to do after a total loss? An independent agent helps explain why cars get totaled and what typically happens next. Read more

Personal Property: 6 Reasons Why Yours May Not be Fully Covered

The personal property coverage you think you have for your jewelry, artwork, furniture and more may be far different from the personal property coverage you actually have. An independent insurance agent explains why. Read more

Insuring a Second Home

Posted by Safeco March 21, 2016
Have a seasonal home? Then you may have questions about insuring it. If so, this blog explores some of the issues with – and challenges of – finding the right policy for your special getaway. Read more

Water Damage: Are You Covered?

Posted by Cresta Combs, Menicucci Insurance Agency February 25, 2016
All homes are susceptible to water damage, so all homeowners should know what their insurance covers. An independent insurance agent explains when the typical homeowners policy covers water damage and when it doesn’t. Read more

5 Things You Didn’t Know Home Insurance Could Cover

You know your home policy covers incidents such as hailstorms, fires and robberies. But, your policy can cover you in other ways too, and, as an independent insurance agent explains, some of them may surprise you. Read more

9 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Home Insurance

Posted by Safeco February 11, 2016
Your home is a valuable investment. We don’t have to tell you that. What we can tell you is this: Asking smart questions when it’s time to buy home insurance will help you get the coverage you want. Here are nine valuable questions to ask your independent agent. Read more

3 Misconceptions That Can Put Your Home at Risk

These tips from an independent insurance agent will help you avoid having too little homeowners insurance, so you’re covered the way you want to be covered if the unthinkable were to happen. Read more

Got Toys? Get Tips on Insuring Them

Posted by Shaun Murphy, Pablo Beach Insurance January 7, 2016
Your toys may be in storage now. But, soon your boat, motorcycle, RV or classic car will be ready to come back out to play, so make sure your insurance policy is ready, too. These tips from an independent agency owner will help. Read more

6 Insurance Resolutions for 2016

Posted by Shaun Murphy, Pablo Beach Insurance December 28, 2015
You’re making New Year’s resolutions for your health and your finances, but what about for your … insurance? Independent insurance agency owner Shaun Murphy explains why your insurance resolutions may just be the most important ones you make this year. Read more

Renters Insurance: Making the Holidays Merry

The holidays are a hectic time. And, when things get hectic, mishaps occur. Learn four ways your renters insurance can help you enjoy the holidays even if something unexpected happens. Read more

Top 3 Insurance Tips for Millennials

Posted by Safeco December 17, 2015
How do you begin to make sense of all the insurance options out there? Here are three simple things you can do to help determine what’s right for you. Read more

7 Factors That May Impact Your Auto Insurance Costs

Posted by Shaun Murphy, Pablo Beach Insurance October 8, 2015
Ever wonder why your car insurance costs what it costs? Your insurance carrier looks at such things as your age, driving history and more to determine your rate. Here’s a look at seven factors that may be impacting how much you pay for car insurance. Read more

8 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Renters Insurance

Posted by Safeco September 3, 2015
Buying renters insurance is a smart move, so also be smart about how much and what type of coverage you buy. Review these questions with your independent insurance agent so you can select the policy that’s right for your needs. Read more

5 Misconceptions About Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Posted by Shaun Murphy, Pablo Beach Insurance August 20, 2015
Drivers with no or too little insurance are out there. The question is: Do you need extra coverage to help protect yourself against them? An independent insurance agent deconstructs some common misconceptions to help you decide. Read more

Need Rental Car Insurance? Know Before You Go

Posted by Safeco August 10, 2015
Whether or not you need to purchase insurance for your rented wheels depends on a variety of factors. Learn what they are and a few things to consider before you ever step up to the rental car counter. Read more

8 Questions to Ask About Motorcycle Insurance

Posted by Safeco July 21, 2015
You asked plenty of questions when you bought your ride. Ask plenty more when you buy motorcycle insurance. Asking the right questions when it’s time to buy or review your motorcycle policy can help you get the coverage you want, from bodily injury to roadside assistance. Use these questions as a guide. Read more

Plan for the Future as Well as the Wedding: Insurance for Newlyweds

Posted by Safeco June 29, 2015
Engaged? Newly wed? Now that you’re building a life together, you need the right insurance for it. Learn what types of coverage you and your spouse should consider and a few ways to help you save on insurance. Read more

6 Questions for Your Annual Insurance Review

Posted by Shaun Murphy, Pablo Beach Insurance June 18, 2015
Not much stays the same from year to year, and with life’s changes comes the need to change your insurance coverage, too. A review of your policies with your local independent insurance agent can help you ensure your coverage is current, not out of date. Read more

4 Factors That Can Make Convertibles Expensive to Insure

Posted by Safeco May 14, 2015
If you can’t afford the insurance payments, you just can’t afford the car. So be sure you know how much it will cost to insure the convertible of your dreams before you drive it off the lot. Here are four reasons why you may spend more insuring a convertible than a standard car. Read more

Insurance Tips for College Grads From an Independent Agent

As a college graduate, you know it’s smart to have insurance for your car. But, how much car insurance is enough? And, what about insuring your personal belongings? Your independent insurance agent has the answers you need. Learn what to expect from an independent agent so you can get the coverage you want for the life you want to build. Read more

5 Things to Know About Fallen Trees and Insurance Coverage

Posted by Safeco March 16, 2015
When a tree falls on your property, are you covered? In many instances, your home insurance or auto insurance covers you for a fallen tree. But, not in every instance. Learn the difference so you know what to expect when recovering from storm damage this spring. Read more

Insuring Jewelry: How to Know If Your Coverage Is Enough

Posted by Safeco February 2, 2015
Your jewelry is sentimental. Insuring it is smart. Learn what you need to know about jewelry coverage under your homeowners insurance, condo insurance or renters insurance and and why you may need extra coverage for high-value and irreplaceable pieces. Read more

Protecting Your Home: What Insurance Does and Doesn’t Cover

Posted by Safeco January 26, 2015
Your homeowners policy protects your home and your family in a variety of ways, but it also has coverage limits and even exclusions. It’s important to know what your individual policy covers and what it doesn’t. To start, review this guide for a better understanding of the typical homeowners insurance policy. Read more

Icy Sidewalks: Are You Liable If Someone Falls?

Posted by Safeco January 12, 2015
Could an icy patch on the sidewalk in front of your home lead to a homeowners liability claim or even a lawsuit against you? It’s happened to other property owners, so learn what you need to know about snow removal responsibilities and how to help protect yourself – and others. Read more

Do You Need Umbrella Insurance?

Posted by Safeco October 20, 2014
It only takes one serious accident and a resulting lawsuit to put everything you own at risk. And it only takes one umbrella policy to help protect it all. So, yes, you could say that umbrella insurance might just come in handy for you and your family. Learn what this type of policy entails to find out if it really is right for you. Read more

3 Ways a Pool May Affect Your Homeowners Insurance

Posted by Safeco August 4, 2014
Having your own pool will no doubt increase your standing with family and friends, as well as the value of your home. But what about your home insurance rates? Read more

How to Protect Your Most Cherished Possessions

Posted by Safeco April 21, 2014
By “scheduling valuables” you can protect the things that matter to you most, even if they’re not fully covered under your standard homeowners insurance policy. Read more

Time to Do a Home Inventory

Posted by Andrea Chatwood January 6, 2014
Following the holidays may be a perfect time to take stock of your material possessions. Did you get a great gift? A diamond ring, a beautiful watch or maybe a new gaming system? Here’s a handy guide to making a home inventory in case some (or all) of your stuff is damaged or goes missing. Read more

Sage Advice for First-Time Renters

Posted by Haiyen Truong July 29, 2013
Renters insurance can help protect you from fire, smoke, vandalism and theft-related losses. It also provides liability protection in case you are sued for bodily injury or property damage. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you look into renters insurance. Read more
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