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7 Travel Tips for Your Money and Identity

Posted by Safeco June 20, 2016
You’ve got no room in your travel plans for theft or identity fraud, so use these tips to help you steer clear of danger. Read more

Safety Tips for Summer Thrill Seekers

Posted by Safeco June 2, 2016
Nothing says summer like spending a day – or several – splashing around at a water park or chasing big thrills at an amusement park. These tips will help you do so safely. Read more

Safety Behind the Wheel: Tips for Your Summer Drives

Posted by Safeco May 26, 2016
When the weather’s great, distractions on the road are oftentimes even greater. To help you prepare for the busy roads ahead, check out these tips on summer driving safety. Read more

Sail Away Safely: 5 Keys to a Successful Cruise

Posted by Safeco March 10, 2016
Cruise ships can offer a welcome respite from the cold, gray winter. But, having fun doesn’t mean you have to make yourself vulnerable to injury or theft. Follow these five tips for safe and smooth sailing. Read more

Tips for Traveling With Your Smartphone

Posted by Safeco December 14, 2015
Your smartphone is one of the best traveling companions you have – boarding passes, entertainment, directions and more all in the palm of your hand. So, you want to keep it powered and keep it secure. These tips will help, plus learn what to do if your device is stolen and how to respect your fellow travelers while using your phone on the go. Read more

Thrifty Security: Burglar-Proof Your Home for the Holidays

Posted by Safeco November 16, 2015
Secure your home before you go so you can relax more and worry less during your holiday jaunt. Don’t worry, these home security tips won’t break the bank. Read more

6 Tips for a Merry (and Safe) Holiday Road Trip

Posted by Safeco November 12, 2015
Going to grandma’s house – and beyond – this holiday season? These six tips will help you arrive for the celebration and get back home safely. Read more

Need Rental Car Insurance? Know Before You Go

Posted by Safeco August 10, 2015
Whether or not you need to purchase insurance for your rented wheels depends on a variety of factors. Learn what they are and a few things to consider before you ever step up to the rental car counter. Read more

5 Tips for More Affordable Road Trips

Posted by Safeco August 3, 2015
You’re gassing up the car and heading out on the great open road. But, just how much is this road trip going to cost you? These tools and tips will help you estimate and even cut the cost of your travel so you can return home with great memories and perhaps a little cash in your pocket. Read more

RV Trip Planning: How to Find a Route You’ll Remember

Posted by Safeco July 30, 2015
Whether you’re looking for the quickest way or the most scenic way to get from point A to point B, use these resources to help you plan your RV route. Because enjoying the journey is part of what traveling by RV is all about. Read more

Big Year for a Big Party: Sturgis Readies 75th Annual Motorcycle Rally

Posted by Safeco July 20, 2015
The epicenter of motorcycle culture since 1938, Sturgis is gearing up for its 75th rally, starting August 3. If Sturgis is on your summer itinerary, check out these tips for places to visit and scenic routes to explore. Read more

Keep Your Campsite — and Your Gear — Secure

Posted by Safeco July 13, 2015
Today, we’re more connected than ever. And, not just when we’re at home or in the office but when we’re camping, too. Which brings up a little problem: How do we secure our electronics and gadgets when we’re out in the wild? Don’t worry, these tips will help. Read more

5 Great Ways to Celebrate: State Fairs From Coast to Coast

Posted by Safeco July 6, 2015
Calling all state fair devotees – and even occasional attendees. This look at five of the nation's best state fairs is sure to ignite your appreciation for such fine things as butter sculptures and chocolate-covered bacon. Find out if your state made the list! Read more

Road Tripping With Rover

Posted by Safeco June 4, 2015
Whether your furry best friend is gung-ho about hitting the road or a little apprehensive, these tips will help ensure your pet travels safely and comfortably. That way, everyone can enjoy the journey just as much as the destination. Read more

Know – and Avoid – the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

Posted by Safeco February 23, 2015
When you’re on the road, you have a responsibility to yourself, your passengers and even people in other vehicles to drive with care. So take some time to learn what’s behind most accidents and how you can adjust your driving behavior to help avoid getting into a routine or even a deadly crash. Read more

6 Common Holiday Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by Safeco September 29, 2014
While most everyone loves the holidays, hardly anyone loves holiday travel. If you’re going out of town this holiday season, knowing what not to do can help make the whole experience a little less taxing for everyone involved. Read more

Hitting the Road on 2 Wheels? Plan Ahead for Maximum Fun

Posted by Safeco July 14, 2014
Whether you’re headed to the nearest state park or traversing multiple state lines, a little planning will help you get there safely. Read more

Homeowners Safety While on Vacation

Posted by Safeco March 17, 2014
For many, the winter months are a welcome time to escape the short days and chilly temperatures by taking a vacation. But don’t forget to take these precautions to ensure your home stays safe while you’re away. Read more

Safe Traveling Tips

Posted by April Schoffer October 17, 2013
Sometimes traveling can be stressful, it’s important to ensure that you have taken the necessary precautions to keep your home, belongings – and most importantly yourself – safe. Read more
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