Topic: Driving And Car Safety

A Primer on Potholes

Posted by Safeco March 7, 2017
Potholes damage countless cars every year. But you can minimize their impact by learning what to watch for — and even the best way to drive through one. Read more

The Best Questions to Ask When Picking a Mechanic

Posted by Safeco February 28, 2017
Finding a trustworthy mechanic is good for your car — and for you. Asking the right questions can help you take some of the frustration out of your repair experience. Read more

Help! I’m Paying Too Much for Car Insurance

Posted by Cresta Combs, Menicucci Insurance Agency December 12, 2016
We all want to pay less for car insurance. However, certain factors just aren’t compatible with low auto insurance rates. An independent agent explains five of them. Read more

Black Friday Car Accidents: What’s at Stake?

Posted by Ron Hettler, Hettler Insurance Agency November 21, 2016
Black Friday can take a toll on your wallet – and your vehicle. Learn how your insurance may help see you through four different Black Friday mishaps. Read more

The Cost of Driving: Is it on the Rise?

Posted by Safeco November 7, 2016
A number of factors impact your driving costs, and a number of those are on the rise. Take a closer look at why it may be costing you more and more to get behind the wheel. Read more

7 Driving Habits That Are Bad for Your Car

Posted by Safeco November 3, 2016
Think your bad driving habits are simply an annoyance (or perhaps even a danger) to others on the road? Think again. They could be damaging your car, too. Learn more in this blog. Read more

Car Shopping With Safety in Mind

Posted by Safeco October 17, 2016
Even the best drivers need a little assist every now and then, and today’s new cars deliver. Advanced safety features help drivers avoid collisions, stay in their lanes and more. Read all about the latest vehicle safety features before shopping for your next car. Read more

3 Hidden Costs of Cheap Car Insurance

Posted by Cresta Combs, Menicucci Insurance Agency October 13, 2016
Coverage limitations, out-of-pocket costs and garnished wages – an independent agent outlines why cheap car insurance may lead to unexpected and extremely costly expenses. Read more

Is It Time to Winterize Your RV?

Posted by Safeco October 10, 2016
Protect your RV from the elements this winter with the help of these tips. Winterizing your RV now will help you get rolling again more quickly and easily once spring comes back around. Read more

Full Coverage Car Insurance: What Is It?

Posted by Safeco October 6, 2016
No one really knows what “full coverage” means in regards to car insurance. The important thing is finding coverage that leaves you feeling secure against the risk of financial loss. Read more

3 Ways Auto Insurance is Going High Tech

Posted by Ron Hettler, Hettler Insurance Agency October 3, 2016
Technology is an essential part of our daily lives, and auto insurers have taken note. An independent agent discusses three ways car insurance is evolving to keep up with modern life. Read more

9 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Classic Car Insurance

Posted by Safeco September 22, 2016
Your collector car has a special place in your garage – and your heart. So, be sure you get the insurance coverage you want for it. Discussing these classic car insurance questions with your independent agent will help. Read more

Can Your Insurance Take The Heat?

Posted by Frank Siciliano, WHINS Insurance Agency September 8, 2016
Even as the fall season approaches, high temperatures across the country continue to take a toll on our vehicles and homes. An independent agent outlines whether or not insurance may come to your aid in four heat-related mishaps. Read more

How to Deal With Road Rage: 5 Dos and Don’ts

Posted by Safeco August 22, 2016
Emotions getting the best of you behind the wheel? Follow these tips to help minimize the role anger and frustration play in your driving experience. Read more

5 Things to Know About Roadside Assistance

Posted by Safeco August 15, 2016
You wouldn’t drive without a roadside assistance plan. But, do you fully understand what your plan does and doesn’t cover? Check out this blog for help! Read more

Driving in Extreme Heat: Keep Cool on Summer’s Hot Roads

Posted by Safeco August 4, 2016
When the sun’s out, you naturally feel the urge to be on the go, but extreme heat can take a serious toll on your vehicle. Learn how to minimize the effects so the heat doesn’t wreck your enjoyment of being on the road. Read more

8 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Car Insurance

Posted by Safeco July 28, 2016
Asking questions about car insurance is smart. After all, you design your own policy, adding options, adjusting coverage limits and selecting a deductible that meet your needs. Here are several car insurance questions to discuss with your independent agent to help ensure you get the coverage you want. Read more

3 Car Insurance Coverages You Can No Longer Ignore

A lot can happen when you’re on the road. Does your auto insurance policy cover you for many of the possible scenarios or just a few? An independent agent outlines three types of car insurance coverages to consider adding to your policy to further your protection. Read more

Help Your Teen Become a Safe Driver

Posted by Safeco July 14, 2016
With these effective teaching strategies, you can help your teen gain skill and confidence behind the wheel. Read more

11 Must-Have Emergency Supplies for Your Car

Posted by Safeco June 30, 2016
You never know when a flat tire, leaky hose or even a muddy windshield will stall your trip. The right tools and accessories in your emergency kit can help keep delays at a minimum. Read more

5 Tips for Driving in a Sandstorm

Posted by Safeco June 23, 2016
Dangerous winds cross through the American Southwest every year. If a sandstorm blows in while you’re on the road, use these tips to help you get through it safely. Read more

Safety Behind the Wheel: Tips for Your Summer Drives

Posted by Safeco May 26, 2016
When the weather’s great, distractions on the road are oftentimes even greater. To help you prepare for the busy roads ahead, check out these tips on summer driving safety. Read more

High Wind on the Open Road: 5 Driving Tips for Hurricane Season

Posted by Safeco May 16, 2016
The high winds of a tropical storm or hurricane can make driving highly dangerous. Brush up on these hurricane driving tips in case you get caught on the road in severe storm conditions. Read more

Self-Driving Cars: When Will Your Vehicle Start Driving You to Work?

Posted by Safeco May 12, 2016
Today you drive your car to work. In just a few years, your car could be driving you. Radar, laser and computer technology will soon bring us self-driving cars, if we can resolve the human-related problems that still stand in the way. Read more

What’s Different About Classic Car Insurance?

You made a significant investment in your classic, and driving and maintaining it are your pride and joy. An independent insurance agent explains why classic car coverage is likely a better bet for your vintage beauty than standard auto insurance. Read more

Tornados and Driving Safety

Posted by Safeco April 7, 2016
Being in a basement or other storm shelter is typically your best defense, but if a tornado catches you out in the open, these guidelines could help save your life. Read more

Why Is My Car a Total Loss? And, Now What?

Posted by Shaun Murphy, Pablo Beach Insurance April 4, 2016
At a loss on what to do after a total loss? An independent agent helps explain why cars get totaled and what typically happens next. Read more

Protect Your Car’s Finish and Value With Regular Soap and Water

Posted by Safeco March 7, 2016
Your automobile is under assault year-round from road chemicals, dust, mud, salt, splattered bugs and acid rain. Fight back and help maintain your car by washing it regularly. Read more

Navigate Rainy Roadways With Care

Posted by Safeco March 3, 2016
No matter if driving in the rain is a regular or a rare occurrence, you can make use of these tips to help you safely find your way and recognize when conditions are just too unsafe to continue. Read more

5 Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips

Posted by Safeco February 18, 2016
Because carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, it can lead to dangerous situations quick. Learn five easy ways to help protect yourself and your family, both at home and in the car. Read more

What to Do After a Car Accident in Winter

Posted by Safeco January 14, 2016
Slide off the road? Get caught in a pile-up? The worse the weather gets, the more treacherous the driving becomes. We hope you’re not involved in any accidents this winter, but, if you are, here’s how to stay safety-minded afterward. Read more

5 of the Worst Ways to Save Money

Posted by Safeco January 4, 2016
So, you’re determined to save money this year – great. Not so great? Making cuts that may come back to haunt you. Find out which five areas should be off-limits in your savings plan so you know you’re saving smart, for today and for the future. Read more

6 Dos and Don’ts for Driving on Snow and Ice

Posted by Safeco November 23, 2015
When the weather outside is frightful, driving conditions are anything but delightful. Use these winter driving tips to help avoid the ditch and stay safely on the road. Read more

6 Tips for a Merry (and Safe) Holiday Road Trip

Posted by Safeco November 12, 2015
Going to grandma’s house – and beyond – this holiday season? These six tips will help you arrive for the celebration and get back home safely. Read more

How to Avoid Animal-Vehicle Collisions

Posted by Safeco October 29, 2015
Your chances of hitting a deer, a moose or another wild (and large!) animal on the road increase during mating and migration season in the fall and winter. Learn a few tips that may help you avoid an animal-vehicle collision, plus what to do if you just can’t. Read more

Car Maintenance: 5 Things Anyone Can Do

Posted by Safeco October 15, 2015
You rely on your car – commuting, play dates, trips to the dog park. So, it makes sense to put a little time into maintaining it. Here are five easy things you can do, besides filling up your gas tank when it’s running low, to help prolong the life of your vehicle. Read more

7 Factors That May Impact Your Auto Insurance Costs

Posted by Shaun Murphy, Pablo Beach Insurance October 8, 2015
Ever wonder why your car insurance costs what it costs? Your insurance carrier looks at such things as your age, driving history and more to determine your rate. Here’s a look at seven factors that may be impacting how much you pay for car insurance. Read more

Time for 'The Talk'? Discussing Driving With Your Folks

Posted by Safeco September 28, 2015
Concerned about your parents’ driving but dread having the talk? Approach the subject gently and methodically – these tips will help. Read more

3 Easy Ways to Stay Informed About Vehicle Recalls

Posted by Safeco September 24, 2015
Safety recalls are hitting the news left and right, but, lucky you, your vehicle hasn’t been affected. Or, has it? Recall notices that arrive by mail can easily slip through your fingers without a second glance, so get up to speed on three easy ways to get the information you need about recalled parts on your vehicle. And, stay safe on the road. Read more

3 Steps to Choosing a Defensive Driving Course

Posted by Safeco September 21, 2015
Want to drive your way to potentially better car insurance rates by taking a driving course? Find out three things to consider before you sign up! Read more

The Car Seat Conundrum: Which Is Right for Your Child?

Posted by Safeco September 17, 2015
There’s a lot riding on the proper fit and installation of a car seat: your child’s safety. With these tips, you can start to understand what may be right for your child right now. Read more

5 Misconceptions About Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Posted by Shaun Murphy, Pablo Beach Insurance August 20, 2015
Drivers with no or too little insurance are out there. The question is: Do you need extra coverage to help protect yourself against them? An independent insurance agent deconstructs some common misconceptions to help you decide. Read more

Need Rental Car Insurance? Know Before You Go

Posted by Safeco August 10, 2015
Whether or not you need to purchase insurance for your rented wheels depends on a variety of factors. Learn what they are and a few things to consider before you ever step up to the rental car counter. Read more

What to Do in 4 Unusual — and Dangerous — Driving Situations

Posted by Safeco May 28, 2015
There’s nothing quite like blowing a tire or hitting a deer to derail a perfectly good road trip. While these scenarios may be uncommon, they do happen, and they may cause severe injuries and damage in addition to delays. So, we want you to be prepared. Check out these driving tips for ways to respond to four driving hazards. Read more

Is Working in the ‘Sharing Economy’ for You?

Posted by Safeco May 25, 2015
Thinking of taking up ride sharing or home sharing? First things first, review these potential benefits and risks to help you determine whether it’s for you. Ride sharing or home sharing can be a great way to earn extra income, so long as you’re well informed and comfortable with certain consequences that may arise. Read more

4 Factors That Can Make Convertibles Expensive to Insure

Posted by Safeco May 14, 2015
If you can’t afford the insurance payments, you just can’t afford the car. So be sure you know how much it will cost to insure the convertible of your dreams before you drive it off the lot. Here are four reasons why you may spend more insuring a convertible than a standard car. Read more

The Dos and Don’ts of Dodging Parking Lot Collisions

Posted by Safeco April 23, 2015
Let’s face it, parking lots and parking garages can be frustrating. And, they can be dangerous, too. These dos and don’ts will help you stay mindful of parking lot safety so you can stay out of harm’s way and avoid doing harm to others. Read more

Seat Belt Safety Tips: Beyond Just Buckling Up

Posted by Safeco March 30, 2015
Using a seat belt is one of the most effective ways to save lives and reduce injuries in a car crash, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And, it’s something easy everyone can do. But, are you buckling up correctly? Learn more about proper seat belt use so you and your family are better protected. Read more

Know – and Avoid – the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

Posted by Safeco February 23, 2015
When you’re on the road, you have a responsibility to yourself, your passengers and even people in other vehicles to drive with care. So take some time to learn what’s behind most accidents and how you can adjust your driving behavior to help avoid getting into a routine or even a deadly crash. Read more

Safety Items to Keep In Your Car – the Winter Edition

Posted by Safeco January 5, 2015
Even good drivers can end up in a bad situation in severe weather, so learn what’s essential to have in your car to help you stay safe on (and off) the road this winter. Read more

The Right Tires for Winter Driving

Posted by Safeco December 22, 2014
The weather has changed, but have you given any thought to changing your tires? Learn why you may want to consider driving on winter tires, as well as how to maintain them, for better safety in the cold, snow and ice. Read more

Winterizing Your Car: Keeping a Classic Classy

Posted by Safeco September 22, 2014
Nothing puts the brakes on classic car fun like the approach of cold weather. Except perhaps getting your car out of storage in the spring and finding mildew, rodents and other damage. Here are some practical tips to help protect your car while it’s stored for the winter so you’ll be ready to roll once the temperature warms. Read more

Distracted Driving Kills 9 People a Day

Posted by Safeco June 23, 2014
Mobile phones and other distractions put you, your passengers and others on the road at risk. Start driving distraction-free and set a positive example. Read more

Protection During a Hailstorm

Posted by Safeco March 10, 2014
With approximately 3,000 hailstorms in the U.S. each year in varying sizes the chances of damage and harm can be pretty high. Here’s some pointers to stay safe if you get stuck on the road when a hailstorm hits. Read more

5 Ways to Get Your Car Stolen

Posted by Safeco January 13, 2014
Some people make it downright easy for thieves to drive off in their pride and joy. We don’t want you walking out the door to an empty driveway or parking space, so take care to avoid these five mistakes that lead to car theft. Read more

Night Driving Dangers

Posted by Safeco January 13, 2014
More than 50% of fatalities for vehicle occupants 16 and older occur between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. Because we’re big advocates for safety, we thought it would be helpful to take a look at why night driving is more dangerous, and what you can do to decrease that danger. Read more
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