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3 Tips for Getting a Personal Property Appraisal

Posted by Safeco January 30, 2017
Rugs, jewelry, firearms, baseball cards – your home is filled with things you love, and your homeowners, condo or renters insurance can help you protect them. Learn how an insurance appraisal can help, and get tips on obtaining one. Read more

’Tis the Season for Kitchen Fires

Posted by Safeco November 10, 2016
Sharing a meal with the ones you love is at the heart of the holidays. Help keep your tradition safe with these tips on minimizing the risk of kitchen fires. Read more

Burglary Prevention: Should You Leave the Lights On?

Posted by Safeco October 27, 2016
Will a porch light deter a burglar or invite him in? It all depends on how you use it. Get tips on your lighting strategy now. Read more

Damaged Sidewalks: Know Your Responsibility

Posted by Safeco October 24, 2016
In many cities, sidewalk repairs fall to the property owner, not the municipality. Learn the rules where you live so you can take responsible action to protect yourself against sidewalk liability claims. Read more

5 Figures Important to Your Homeowners Insurance

Posted by Shaun Murphy, Pablo Beach Insurance October 20, 2016
Budgeting for home insurance? Wondering why you pay what you pay? An independent agent looks at five figures that play a role in your home insurance costs. Read more

Which Home Alarms Do You Need?

Posted by Safeco September 26, 2016
Various detection devices around your home can help alert you to trouble, such as a fire or a water leak. In this blog, we outline the must-have alarms, as well as other types of home sensors you may want to consider. Read more

Can Your Insurance Take The Heat?

Posted by Frank Siciliano, WHINS Insurance Agency September 8, 2016
Even as the fall season approaches, high temperatures across the country continue to take a toll on our vehicles and homes. An independent agent outlines whether or not insurance may come to your aid in four heat-related mishaps. Read more

Device Insurance: Cover Your Personal Electronics With the Policy You Already Have

Posted by Safeco September 1, 2016
Think about how much you have invested in electronics. Now think about having to replace all of it all at once due to a fire, theft or other incident. It’s not too appealing a thought, which is why it’s important to understand how your homeowners policy or renters policy covers electronics. Read more

Does Home Insurance Cover Trampolines?

Posted by April McBriarty-Weismann, HPM Insurance August 11, 2016
Trampolines increase the likelihood of injuries occurring on your property, which could lead to liability claims and even lawsuits. What does your carrier have to say about trampolines? An independent agent explores the issue. Read more

10 Ways to Update Your Home for Less Than a Mortgage Payment

Posted by Safeco June 16, 2016
Is your home feeling a little blah? Even if you don’t have a hefty home improvement fund, you can still give your digs a much-needed facelift. Just one or two of these 10 low-cost home updates can leave your abode looking and feeling a whole lost fresher. Read more

Power Tools: Drill These Safety Tips Into Your Mind

Posted by Safeco June 13, 2016
You’re making a list of summer projects, and you’ve got your power tools on charge. But, before you fire up that drill or saw, review these safety tips to help ensure things don’t get out of hand. Read more

The Type of Fire Extinguisher Every Home Should Have

Posted by Safeco April 14, 2016
Different types of fires call for different fire extinguishers. So, which type of extinguisher should you keep at home? This blog offers some helpful guidelines for selecting a fire extinguisher, as well as using and maintaining it. Read more

What Should Go in Your Home Safe (or Safe-Deposit Box)?

Posted by Safeco March 28, 2016
Everything from sparkling diamonds to dusty old tax returns can – and should – find their way into your home safe or safe-deposit box. But, do you need both? And, what else should go inside? Check out this blog for some helpful suggestions. Read more

Get on Track With Garage Door Safety

Posted by Safeco March 24, 2016
Your home’s garage doors are surprisingly powerful, but light and easy to operate when they are properly maintained. Learn these simple safety rules and inspection guidelines to help keep everything on track. Read more

5 Tips to Help You Care for Your Trees

Posted by Safeco March 17, 2016
A healthy tree that you care for properly — and regularly — is more likely to provide years and years of enjoyment, and far less likely to become a hazard. Read these tree maintenance tips to help keep yours out of the danger zone. Read more

After the Storm, Is Your Food Still Safe?

Posted by Safeco March 14, 2016
A lot can go wrong both during and after a storm, including getting sick off spoiled food. These tips will help you avoid that fate. Read more

Going Solar? Here’s What to Think About First

Posted by Safeco February 22, 2016
It’s clean energy, it’s renewable, and it helps you get off the grid, at least partially. It’s solar power, and if you’re curious whether it’s right for you, consider these eight questions before making the next move. Read more

5 Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips

Posted by Safeco February 18, 2016
Because carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, it can lead to dangerous situations quick. Learn five easy ways to help protect yourself and your family, both at home and in the car. Read more

Have Guns in Your House? 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Posted by Safeco January 25, 2016
No matter if you have a single gun or you’re a bona fide collector, these safety precautions can help ensure your firearms don’t fall into the wrong hands. Read more

5 Ways You’re Using Your Heat Inefficiently

Posted by Safeco January 21, 2016
Learn what you may be doing that’s sending your energy costs through the roof this winter – and how to remedy it. Read more

Protecting Your Home From Winter Weather

Posted by Safeco January 18, 2016
Winter can be hard on your home, so use these tips to help ease the strain. With the proper upkeep during winter, your home will help keep you and your entire family safe and warm all season long. Read more

5 of the Worst Ways to Save Money

Posted by Safeco January 4, 2016
So, you’re determined to save money this year – great. Not so great? Making cuts that may come back to haunt you. Find out which five areas should be off-limits in your savings plan so you know you’re saving smart, for today and for the future. Read more

Steps to Help Prevent Frozen Pipes—or Unfreeze Them

Posted by Safeco December 24, 2015
Keep freezing temperatures from leading to frozen pipes at your home or vacation home this winter. These tips will help. Read more

Using a Portable Heater: Keep It Cozy, Keep It Safe

Posted by Safeco December 3, 2015
Space heaters may be widely used these days, but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous. Learn some important precautions you can take to stay safe while you stay warm. Read more

Thrifty Security: Burglar-Proof Your Home for the Holidays

Posted by Safeco November 16, 2015
Secure your home before you go so you can relax more and worry less during your holiday jaunt. Don’t worry, these home security tips won’t break the bank. Read more

Time for Change: What to Update Besides Your Clocks

Posted by Safeco October 6, 2015
The semiannual daylight saving time change on Sunday, November 1 is less than three weeks away. In addition to preparing to set your clocks back one hour, why not take a little extra time to make some other needed safety updates around the home? Here’s your daylight saving time checklist. Read more

Your Home Maintenance Checklist for Fall

Posted by Safeco October 5, 2015
Investing a little time in your home right now can help you avoid major problems down the road. After all, we’re guessing you’d rather spend a cold, rainy weekend inside and dry, instead of fighting the elements to make emergency fixes. Read more

Is Your Yard a Fire Risk?

Posted by Safeco October 1, 2015
Resin in trees, dead leaves on the ground, dense foliage close to the house – these and other aspects of your landscaping may increase your risk of losing your home in a fire. Learn a few ways you can help reduce the risk while maintaining an attractive yard at the same time. Read more

Before Baby Comes Home, Take These Safety Precautions

Posted by Safeco September 14, 2015
You’re getting ready for baby. So, how’s your home looking? These tips will help you check for hazards and make some important safety updates – all so you can focus on your new bundle of joy once baby arrives. Read more

Roofing Scams: When to Be Wary

Posted by Safeco August 27, 2015
There’s no better time for a roofing scam than in the days and weeks following a considerable storm. So, what should you be wary of? Read this blog to find out. Read more

6 Steps to Help Prevent Basement Flooding

Posted by Safeco August 17, 2015
When it’s pouring outside, help ensure your basement stays dry with these useful tips for your foundation, your landscaping and, of course, your basement itself. Read more

Hurricane Defense: How to Strengthen Damage-Prone Parts of Your Property

Posted by Safeco August 13, 2015
Whether from a hurricane or tropical storm or just from high winds, your home is susceptible to some serious damage. So why not take a few steps to reinforce your home where it’s most vulnerable? Read more

How to Hang in There When the Lights Go Out

Posted by Safeco June 22, 2015
For those times when you’re in the dark, allow us to shed some light on how to stay safe in a power outage. By knowing how to respond when the power goes out, there’ll be no need for the panic to set in. Read more

Keep Cool While Keeping Your Energy Costs Down

Posted by Safeco June 8, 2015
Already losing your cool over your summer energy bills? Try one or more of these proven ways to cool your home while reducing your energy costs. Who knows, you may just end up with a little extra cash for that upcoming vacation. Read more

Is Working in the ‘Sharing Economy’ for You?

Posted by Safeco May 25, 2015
Thinking of taking up ride sharing or home sharing? First things first, review these potential benefits and risks to help you determine whether it’s for you. Ride sharing or home sharing can be a great way to earn extra income, so long as you’re well informed and comfortable with certain consequences that may arise. Read more

Keep Your Garden Green, Your Water Bill Low

Posted by Safeco May 18, 2015
Your garden needs water to be healthy – just be smart about how much you use. Watering too frequently can be bad for your plants, after all, and it wastes water in a time of dry conditions and drought. With these water-wise gardening tips, you can have a green garden and reduce your water usage, too. Read more

Don’t Get Burned as BBQ Season Begins

Posted by Safeco May 11, 2015
Before marinating the meat, before skewering the vegetables, brush up on these safety tips for summer cookout season. Because, no matter how you flip it, a safe cookout is the best kind of cookout to have. Read more

After the Storm: How to Check Your Property for Damage

Posted by Safeco March 23, 2015
After a big storm hits, take a close look around your home and property to check for damage to your roof, trees and other structures. Acting quickly can help you address any wear and tear before it has a chance to get worse. Use this checklist to conduct a storm damage inspection. Read more

Is It Time to Replace Your Appliance Hoses?

Posted by Safeco March 9, 2015
Water damage – it’s a messy and costly nightmare for homeowners. But, thankfully, you can help prevent water damage in some instances just by monitoring and replacing the water supply hoses on your appliances. Learn how to properly maintain your appliance hoses so you’re not wading through water or other damage in your home. Read more

Spring Into Home Maintenance Mode

Posted by Safeco March 2, 2015
You’re springing the clocks forward and gearing up for spring cleaning and planting. Find out what else you can do to take care of your home this spring, including inspecting your property for any damage that occurred over the winter. Read more

Home Security Technology: Keeping You Ahead of Burglars

Posted by Safeco February 16, 2015
Monitoring systems that communicate with your smartphone. Wireless cameras that store data in the cloud. It’s all part of the recent advancements in home security technology. Take a look at what’s available and start protecting your property with the latest in home security. Read more

Worrisome Winter Roof Danger: Ice Dams

Posted by Safeco February 12, 2015
We understand if you’re tired of seeing snow – it’s been quite a winter – but everyone who lives in a snowy climate should turn their gaze upward, to their roofs. If ice dams are forming there, your roof may soon start leaking. Learn why and what you can do to help prevent ice dams from making your winter soggier than it already is. Read more

Stop Wasting Energy, Start Lowering Your Winter Bills

Posted by Safeco February 9, 2015
Not only is the weather dreadful. So are your winter energy bills. If yours cause a moment of panic upon arrival, learn a few easy ways to cut back on your energy use and possibly reduce the amount you owe. You can be frugal without freezing, and these tips may help. Read more

Cozy Up to These Five Fireplace Safety Tips

Posted by Safeco December 29, 2014
Fire is nothing to play around with. Get stoked about fireplace safety so your crackling fire is delightful – not frightful. Read more

Winter Is Coming – Get Your Home and Family Ready

Posted by Safeco November 17, 2014
Prepare now for that winter weather – and storm – that’s coming later. These winter preparation tips will help get your household ready for the cold and snow. Read more

5 Tips for Organizing Your Home for the New School Year

Posted by Safeco August 11, 2014
A child’s success at school can depend just as much on his/her home environment as it does on the classroom. So be sure to set your child up to excel by getting – and staying – organized on the home front before the first bell rings. Read more

The Ins & Outs of Staying Cool in a Power Outage

Posted by Safeco July 7, 2014
When the power is down and the mercury is rising, use these tips to help keep everyone, including pets, healthy, happy and safe. Read more

Avoid Slips, Trips and Falls in the Bathroom

Posted by Safeco June 9, 2014
Is your bathroom just an accident waiting to happen? As part of National Safety Month, learn how to make your bathroom a safer place. Read more

How to Protect Your Most Cherished Possessions

Posted by Safeco April 21, 2014
By “scheduling valuables” you can protect the things that matter to you most, even if they’re not fully covered under your standard homeowners insurance policy. Read more

Prevent Water from Going Where It Shoudn't

Posted by Safeco March 31, 2014
We know you want to protect what’s important. That’s why we’re offering these tips to help you prevent many of the most common causes of water damage. Read more

Make Recycling and Reducing Routine

Posted by Safeco February 3, 2014
At Safeco we try to do our part to protect our environment and use our resources wisely. And we’re hoping you’ll take the time – if you’re not already – to make reduce, reuse and recycle part of your daily routine. Here are some best practices. Read more

Home Security Tips

Posted by Safeco January 27, 2014
Everyone wants to keep their home safe from burglars or intruders, but not everyone wants to have an alarm system installed. Nowadays, there are more options than ever when it comes to home security, so we at Safeco want to help you sort through those options with a few tips. Read more

Time to Do a Home Inventory

Posted by Andrea Chatwood January 6, 2014
Following the holidays may be a perfect time to take stock of your material possessions. Did you get a great gift? A diamond ring, a beautiful watch or maybe a new gaming system? Here’s a handy guide to making a home inventory in case some (or all) of your stuff is damaged or goes missing. Read more

Winterizing Your Home

Posted by Andrea Chatwood November 25, 2013
Every year, it’s important to check on areas of the house that may be susceptible to wear and tear from the extreme cold. Taking time to winterize your home can help you avoid unexpected expenses and accidents. Read more
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