6 Questions to Ask Before You Buy RV Insurance

Posted by Safeco April 21, 2016
RV Insurance Questions: What to Ask Your Agent

Insure Your RV and Its Contents, and Get Trip Interruption Protection

It may be called a recreational vehicle, but your RV does a lot more than just get you from one place to the next. It gives you a place to live in the meantime, too. It’s a hybrid of a vehicle and a home, so your insurance coverage needs to be a hybrid, too.

An RV insurance policy can address both the vehicular and residential aspects of your motor home, but you want to take the time to get the coverage, options and extras you want. Asking your independent agent these questions about RV insurance will help:

  1. How many days of usage does my RV policy allow each year? Many carriers design their RV policies with seasonality in mind. Your policy may cover you for 150 days of RV use each year, for example. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy the open road with your insurance coverage in full gear. Furthermore it allows you to back off during the off-season, potentially lowering your coverage to comprehensive only and saving money while your RV is securely stowed away for a consecutive chunk of time, such as 90 days or more.
  2. My motor home or trailer is brand new. Do I need special coverage? You may want to consider adding optional coverage to protect your recent investment. Oftentimes carriers offer loan or lease protection so that if you experience a total loss accident, you have coverage for the gap between what your RV is worth (the depreciated value) and what you still owe on your loan or lease. Because no one wants to continue making monthly payments on something that’s sitting at the salvage yard.
  3. Is assistance available for mishaps while I’m on the road? Your carrier likely offers roadside assistance coverage as an optional add-on to your RV policy, just as it does for an auto policy. Such coverage may come to your aid for flat tires, empty gas tanks, keys locked inside the vehicle and more.
  4. What happens if my RV breaks down when I’m far from home? When your RV goes in for service, you’re out of house and home. So, you may want to consider optional coverage beyond just roadside assistance. With upgraded emergency assistance, you can typically receive reimbursement for staying in a hotel while your RV is getting some much-needed TLC. Depending on the carrier, the coverage will offer other benefits, too.
  5. What about my personal property and custom features? The things you keep in your RV is what makes it your home away from home. So, be sure to talk to your independent agent about the type and value of the belongings inside your motor home. You want to be sure your policy offers a sufficient level of personal property coverage for your needs. And, if you’ve modified your RV since it left the factory with such extras as a stereo system, awning, custom wheels and more, be sure to ask about coverage for these items.
  6. How can I save on RV insurance? Your independent agent understands you’d rather spend your money enjoying your RV rather than insuring it, so be sure to ask about ways to save. One way oftentimes is to insure your RV with the same carrier that insures your home, car and other assets. You can also typically save by installing an anti-theft device or taking an accident prevention course. And, as already discussed, you may save while your RV is in storage for the winter by reducing your coverage.

Of course, like an auto policy, you’ll want to be sure you have the coverage you want for yourself, your vehicle and your passengers. So, look into comprehensive, collision and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverages. And, your state likely requires you to carry bodily injury and property damage liability in case you inflict harm on others or their property while driving your RV.

You love the freedom your RV gives you. You’ll feel even freer out on the road knowing that if something happens, you selected the right insurance coverage to get you through it. Connect with your independent insurance agent to rework an existing RV policy or purchase a new one. The open road awaits!


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