Renters Insurance: Making the Holidays Merry

Renters Insurance Can Protect You at Home and on the Go

An Independent Agent Explains:

4 Reasons to Have a Renters Policy During the Holidays – and All Year Round

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The year has nearly come to an end, and the holidays are here. The last thing you want is for something unexpected to ruin the entire season.

However, things happen. Home fires are common this time of the year due to fireplace and furnace use. And, thieves take advantage of the gift-buying frenzy.

Renters insurance can help get you through these and many other problems that may come your way. Here are four examples of how the coverages on your renters insurance policy may just help save the season:

  1. Gift Thieves: While you’re out shopping for presents, imagine returning to your car to find a window broken and all of the gifts for your loved ones stolen. Think your auto policy will cover them? Probably not. However, the personal property coverage on a renters insurance policy can extend to belongings even when they’re outside your home.
  2. Coming Home to Home Damage: You made it out to visit family across the country, only to come back home to storm or fire damage. Not only will a renters policy cover your belongings, but loss of use coverage will help with the extra expense of temporary lodging, like a hotel, if your rental is uninhabitable.
  3. Holiday Mishaps: Planning to get away somewhere warm for the holidays? Say you’re taking photos to commemorate the trip and accidentally bump the tourist behind you, causing a fall and injuries for which you may be responsible. Your personal liability coverage will help with incidents like this, including any resulting lawsuits. While you should always keep an eye out, your renters policy has your back.
  4. Cyber Crime: These days, so many of us shop online that we all live with the constant threat of identity theft. Many carriers provide optional identity theft coverage to assist with expenses, such as taking time away from work to resolve the crisis, and they often have a resolution service to guide you through the process. You should still maintain careful habits online, but this coverage can help you pick up the pieces if your identity is stolen.

Some of the best memories come when you aren’t worrying about the future. Enjoy the small moments with family and friends, and, if the unexpected happens, remember that your renters insurance is there to help keep your holidays merry.


Erin Eudy, Independent Insurance Agent

About Erin Eudy and Riskguard Insurance Solutions, Inc.
Erin Eudy is an insurance agent with Riskguard Insurance Solutions, Inc., an independent agency that delivers custom-tailored insurance and risk management solutions in California and neighboring states. She works closely with clients to understand their needs and provide coverage that fits the whole picture, making sure they’re protected at home, on the road and beyond. Choice is essential to delivering the well-rounded coverage her clients want. As an independent agency, Riskguard Insurance Solutions has access to an array of highly acclaimed insurance companies. The family corporation has more than 85 years of accumulated experience in the insurance industry.

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