6 Ways to Enjoy the Final Days of Summer

Posted by Safeco August 8, 2016
End-of-Summer Activities for the Family

Last-Minute Summer Fun Before Fall Arrives

Fall doesn’t officially arrive until September 22, but the days are already getting shorter and school is starting soon. It may already feel like summer is slipping away, but never fear – summer fun doesn’t have to mean a big, expensive vacation to someplace faraway. You still have time for affordable fun close to home. These tips will help:

  1. Pack up the bikes – and the books: The kids no doubt have some reading to do to get ready for school. Why not do it out-of-doors? Plan a read-a-thon at a local park or even in your own backyard. Reward kids for reading with snacks and activity breaks, such as riding bikes or looking for Pokémon.
  2. Be spontaneous in your own town: Pick a neighborhood you aren’t very familiar with and check out the shops, restaurants and other attractions. Skip the Yelp reviews – this is about getting out and discovering.
  3. Invigorate your workout: If you’ve been frequenting a regular hiking, biking, walking or running route this summer, set out to improve your time by a minute or two while the weather’s still nice. Or, introduce a new element to challenge yourself, such as a series of pushups, squats and lunges at regular intervals during your workout.
  4. Try your hand at something new: Curious about paddle boarding, kayaking, mountain biking or even camping? Rent or borrow some equipment and give it a try. No need to buy your own until you know if you like it. Or, sign up for a class, such as at the local pottery or painting studio.
  5. Volunteer to help others: Help a local school get ready for the new year, or pick up trash at a local park. Search for volunteer opportunities online or check in with local groups.
  6. Revisit a favorite: It’s always great to do or see something new, but you can also make time for an old favorite, whether it’s a swimming, hiking, brunch or picnic spot. Be sure to check beforehand if pets are allowed in parks or on trails. It’s too hot to leave them in the car.

What are you waiting for? There are still more than 40 days of summer to enjoy! Get out there and explore while you still can.


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