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4 Insurance Gaps to Avoid This Winter
Posted by Safeco December 29, 2016
Coverage gaps leave you exposed to risk – costly risk. Get tips on how to avoid them. Read more
Take Care With Your Credit Cards
Posted by Safeco December 22, 2016
The season of giving is in high swing. Use these tips to help keep your credit card information safe while picking up those last-minute gifts. Read more
Gift the Renters on Your List the Right Tool for the Job
Posted by Safeco December 19, 2016
For apartment dwellers, a selection of basic tools is the gift that will save them money and expand their self-sufficiency through many years — and residences! Read more
Help! I’m Paying Too Much for Car Insurance
Posted by Cresta Combs, Menicucci Insurance Agency December 12, 2016
We all want to pay less for car insurance. However, certain factors just aren’t compatible with low auto insurance rates. An independent agent explains five of them. Read more
5 Ways to Keep Your Holiday Décor Safe
Posted by Safeco December 8, 2016
Get holiday safety tips to help ensure your décor is aglow and your family is safe. Read more
Gift Yourself These Insurance Coverages for the Holidays
Posted by Shaun Murphy, Pablo Beach Insurance December 5, 2016
Sure it’s better to give than to receive, unless you’re talking about insurance coverage. It’s the perfect gift to give yourself this holiday season. An independent agent explains why. Read more
Only During the Holidays: 3 Claims Sure to Dampen Your Spirits
Posted by Safeco December 1, 2016
The holidays are full of surprises. To help make sure an insurance claim isn’t one of them, take a look at these three scenarios that could only occur this time of the year. Plus, get insurance tips in case something similar happens to you. Read more
5 Holiday Mishaps: Does Your Policy Cover That?
Posted by Safeco November 28, 2016
The holidays are a hectic time, and mishaps are bound to occur. The question is: Will the liability coverage on your homeowners, condo or renters policy help protect you when they do? Read more
Black Friday Car Accidents: What’s at Stake?
Posted by Ron Hettler, Hettler Insurance Agency November 21, 2016
Black Friday can take a toll on your wallet – and your vehicle. Learn how your insurance may help see you through four different Black Friday mishaps. Read more
Puppy Love: Preparing Your Home for a New Canine Companion
Posted by Safeco November 14, 2016
If your family is expanding this holiday season – or any time of the year – to include a new four-legged member, here are some tips on getting ready for your canine arrival. Read more
’Tis the Season for Kitchen Fires
Posted by Safeco November 10, 2016
Sharing a meal with the ones you love is at the heart of the holidays. Help keep your tradition safe with these tips on minimizing the risk of kitchen fires. Read more
The Cost of Driving: Is it on the Rise?
Posted by Safeco November 7, 2016
A number of factors impact your driving costs, and a number of those are on the rise. Take a closer look at why it may be costing you more and more to get behind the wheel. Read more
7 Driving Habits That Are Bad for Your Car
Posted by Safeco November 3, 2016
Think your bad driving habits are simply an annoyance (or perhaps even a danger) to others on the road? Think again. They could be damaging your car, too. Learn more in this blog. Read more
3 Scary Insurance Misconceptions
Posted by April McBriarty-Weismann, HPM Insurance October 31, 2016
Are frightful insurance misconceptions putting you at financial risk? An independent agent helps clear up some common misconceptions about umbrella coverage, rental car insurance and policy reviews. Read more
Burglary Prevention: Should You Leave the Lights On?
Posted by Safeco October 27, 2016
Will a porch light deter a burglar or invite him in? It all depends on how you use it. Get tips on your lighting strategy now. Read more
Damaged Sidewalks: Know Your Responsibility
Posted by Safeco October 24, 2016
In many cities, sidewalk repairs fall to the property owner, not the municipality. Learn the rules where you live so you can take responsible action to protect yourself against sidewalk liability claims. Read more
5 Figures Important to Your Homeowners Insurance
Posted by Shaun Murphy, Pablo Beach Insurance October 20, 2016
Budgeting for home insurance? Wondering why you pay what you pay? An independent agent looks at five figures that play a role in your home insurance costs. Read more
Car Shopping With Safety in Mind
Posted by Safeco October 17, 2016
Even the best drivers need a little assist every now and then, and today’s new cars deliver. Advanced safety features help drivers avoid collisions, stay in their lanes and more. Read all about the latest vehicle safety features before shopping for your next car. Read more
3 Hidden Costs of Cheap Car Insurance
Posted by Cresta Combs, Menicucci Insurance Agency October 13, 2016
Coverage limitations, out-of-pocket costs and garnished wages – an independent agent outlines why cheap car insurance may lead to unexpected and extremely costly expenses. Read more
Is It Time to Winterize Your RV?
Posted by Safeco October 10, 2016
Protect your RV from the elements this winter with the help of these tips. Winterizing your RV now will help you get rolling again more quickly and easily once spring comes back around. Read more
Full Coverage Car Insurance: What Is It?
Posted by Safeco October 6, 2016
No one really knows what “full coverage” means in regards to car insurance. The important thing is finding coverage that leaves you feeling secure against the risk of financial loss. Read more
3 Ways Auto Insurance is Going High Tech
Posted by Ron Hettler, Hettler Insurance Agency October 3, 2016
Technology is an essential part of our daily lives, and auto insurers have taken note. An independent agent discusses three ways car insurance is evolving to keep up with modern life. Read more
Will I Pay More for Car Insurance With a Teen Driver?
Posted by April McBriarty-Weismann, HPM Insurance September 29, 2016
Your teen behind the wheel – as convenient as it sounds, it’s also at least a little terrifying, and then you have to consider insurance costs. An independent agent outlines a few important things to know when adding a teen to your policy. Read more
Which Home Alarms Do You Need?
Posted by Safeco September 26, 2016
Various detection devices around your home can help alert you to trouble, such as a fire or a water leak. In this blog, we outline the must-have alarms, as well as other types of home sensors you may want to consider. Read more
9 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Classic Car Insurance
Posted by Safeco September 22, 2016
Your collector car has a special place in your garage – and your heart. So, be sure you get the insurance coverage you want for it. Discussing these classic car insurance questions with your independent agent will help. Read more
Are You Ready for Some Football Safety Tips?
Posted by Safeco September 19, 2016
Here’s your game plan to stay safe, secure and comfortable all the way from kickoff to the final whistle — and beyond! Read more
5 Things to Know About Flood Insurance
Posted by Shaun Murphy, Pablo Beach Insurance September 15, 2016
From coastal areas to inland locales, minor to severe flooding can occur just about anywhere. Yet the typical homeowners insurance policy does not cover flood damage. Flood insurance, however, can. Learn all about it from an independent agent in the know. Read more
10 Tips for More Secure Apartment Living
Posted by Safeco September 12, 2016
As a renter, you may not be in a position to make significant changes and updates to your apartment or home, but you can still make your place more secure with the help of these tips. Read more
Can Your Insurance Take The Heat?
Posted by Frank Siciliano, WHINS Insurance Agency September 8, 2016
Even as the fall season approaches, high temperatures across the country continue to take a toll on our vehicles and homes. An independent agent outlines whether or not insurance may come to your aid in four heat-related mishaps. Read more
Device Insurance: Cover Your Personal Electronics With the Policy You Already Have
Posted by Safeco September 1, 2016
Think about how much you have invested in electronics. Now think about having to replace all of it all at once due to a fire, theft or other incident. It’s not too appealing a thought, which is why it’s important to understand how your homeowners policy or renters policy covers electronics. Read more
Safety Pays: How to Earn a Safe Boater Discount
Posted by Safeco August 29, 2016
If your state requires a class in the basics before you get your boating license or certificate, that course might earn you an insurance discount as well. Even if the state doesn’t require it, taking a course could help you save on insurance. Read more
Help Your Dog Love Apartment Living
Posted by Safeco August 25, 2016
Successful apartment living with your dog means keeping your pup comfortable and active enough to keep out of trouble. Use these tips to help keep you, your canine and your landlady happy! Read more
How to Deal With Road Rage: 5 Dos and Don’ts
Posted by Safeco August 22, 2016
Emotions getting the best of you behind the wheel? Follow these tips to help minimize the role anger and frustration play in your driving experience. Read more
5 Basic Things Every Landlord Must Know About Insurance
Posted by Frank Siciliano, WHINS Insurance Agency August 18, 2016
An independent agent explains the basics of landlord insurance to help you better understand this specialized type of insurance coverage. Read more
5 Things to Know About Roadside Assistance
Posted by Safeco August 15, 2016
You wouldn’t drive without a roadside assistance plan. But, do you fully understand what your plan does and doesn’t cover? Check out this blog for help! Read more
Does Home Insurance Cover Trampolines?
Posted by April McBriarty-Weismann, HPM Insurance August 11, 2016
Trampolines increase the likelihood of injuries occurring on your property, which could lead to liability claims and even lawsuits. What does your carrier have to say about trampolines? An independent agent explores the issue. Read more
6 Ways to Enjoy the Final Days of Summer
Posted by Safeco August 8, 2016
The new school year is approaching, and fall is too, but there’s still plenty of time to see some new sights and try some new things. Use these great tips to squeeze some more fun into your summer before it’s gone! Read more
Driving in Extreme Heat: Keep Cool on Summer’s Hot Roads
Posted by Safeco August 4, 2016
When the sun’s out, you naturally feel the urge to be on the go, but extreme heat can take a serious toll on your vehicle. Learn how to minimize the effects so the heat doesn’t wreck your enjoyment of being on the road. Read more
College Students and Insurance: A Primer for Parents
College is a new adventure for students and parents alike. Are your insurance policies ready for what’s ahead? These tips from an independent insurance agent will help you, your undergrad and your policies all make the transition together. Read more
8 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Car Insurance
Posted by Safeco July 28, 2016
Asking questions about car insurance is smart. After all, you design your own policy, adding options, adjusting coverage limits and selecting a deductible that meet your needs. Here are several car insurance questions to discuss with your independent agent to help ensure you get the coverage you want. Read more
3 Boating Courses to Take You Beyond the Basics
Posted by Safeco July 25, 2016
Courses on weather, navigation, cruise planning and more are easily available online or in local clubs or classrooms. The more boating skills and knowledge you learn, the more freedom and comfort you can gain on the water. Read more
Go Get ‘Em: 5 Safety Tips for Your Pokémon Go Adventures
Posted by Safeco July 21, 2016
When you’re on the trail of an elusive Pokémon, keep these tips in mind to help keep your gameplay safe. Read more
3 Car Insurance Coverages You Can No Longer Ignore
A lot can happen when you’re on the road. Does your auto insurance policy cover you for many of the possible scenarios or just a few? An independent agent outlines three types of car insurance coverages to consider adding to your policy to further your protection. Read more
Help Your Teen Become a Safe Driver
Posted by Safeco July 14, 2016
With these effective teaching strategies, you can help your teen gain skill and confidence behind the wheel. Read more
How Much Does Home Insurance Cost?
Posted by Shaun Murphy, Pablo Beach Insurance July 11, 2016
Even similar homes within the same neighborhood can have drastically different home insurance costs. An independent agent explains several of the factors driving insurance rates to help you better understand your own home insurance costs. Read more
10 Safety Tips for Your Summer Swims
Posted by Safeco July 7, 2016
Swimming and summer are a perfect combination, but make sure to include safety, too. These 10 swimming safety tips will help. Read more
11 Must-Have Emergency Supplies for Your Car
Posted by Safeco June 30, 2016
You never know when a flat tire, leaky hose or even a muddy windshield will stall your trip. The right tools and accessories in your emergency kit can help keep delays at a minimum. Read more
8 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Boat Insurance
Posted by Safeco June 27, 2016
Insuring your vessel helps you enjoy your time on the water rather than fret about the unexpected. Bring these questions to your independent insurance agent so you can make an informed decision about your boat coverage and options. Read more
5 Tips for Driving in a Sandstorm
Posted by Safeco June 23, 2016
Dangerous winds cross through the American Southwest every year. If a sandstorm blows in while you’re on the road, use these tips to help you get through it safely. Read more
7 Travel Tips for Your Money and Identity
Posted by Safeco June 20, 2016
You’ve got no room in your travel plans for theft or identity fraud, so use these tips to help you steer clear of danger. Read more
10 Ways to Update Your Home for Less Than a Mortgage Payment
Posted by Safeco June 16, 2016
Is your home feeling a little blah? Even if you don’t have a hefty home improvement fund, you can still give your digs a much-needed facelift. Just one or two of these 10 low-cost home updates can leave your abode looking and feeling a whole lost fresher. Read more
Power Tools: Drill These Safety Tips Into Your Mind
Posted by Safeco June 13, 2016
You’re making a list of summer projects, and you’ve got your power tools on charge. But, before you fire up that drill or saw, review these safety tips to help ensure things don’t get out of hand. Read more
Answering 3 of the Most Common Questions About Auto Insurance
An independent agent takes on questions such as “Does auto insurance cover the car or the driver?” to help you better understand your coverage, which is essential to your peace of mind both on and off the road. Read more
Toys and Treats: Your Pets Deserve the Best
Posted by Safeco June 6, 2016
There’s nothing like seeing your pet’s excitement at the prospect of a new toy or a tasty treat. But, not everything you find on the shelf at your local pet store is safe for your furry friend. Check out these tips to help you select what may be best for your pets. Read more
Safety Tips for Summer Thrill Seekers
Posted by Safeco June 2, 2016
Nothing says summer like spending a day – or several – splashing around at a water park or chasing big thrills at an amusement park. These tips will help you do so safely. Read more
Safety Behind the Wheel: Tips for Your Summer Drives
Posted by Safeco May 26, 2016
When the weather’s great, distractions on the road are oftentimes even greater. To help you prepare for the busy roads ahead, check out these tips on summer driving safety. Read more
Does Your Condo Policy Cover Loss Assessments?
Your condo community’s HOA just doled out a $50,000 assessment – your share of the cost for emergency repairs. Now what? Before you ever get to that question, get on the phone to your independent agent to double check your Loss Assessment Coverage. Read more
Wedding Insurance: Say ‘Yes,’ Avoid Distress
Posted by Safeco May 19, 2016
You’re planning a big to-do over saying “I do,” but do your wedding plans include event insurance? And, are your rings covered? Learn how insurance can play a role in your big day – and what follows. Read more
High Wind on the Open Road: 5 Driving Tips for Hurricane Season
Posted by Safeco May 16, 2016
The high winds of a tropical storm or hurricane can make driving highly dangerous. Brush up on these hurricane driving tips in case you get caught on the road in severe storm conditions. Read more
Self-Driving Cars: When Will Your Vehicle Start Driving You to Work?
Posted by Safeco May 12, 2016
Today you drive your car to work. In just a few years, your car could be driving you. Radar, laser and computer technology will soon bring us self-driving cars, if we can resolve the human-related problems that still stand in the way. Read more
What’s Different About Classic Car Insurance?
You made a significant investment in your classic, and driving and maintaining it are your pride and joy. An independent insurance agent explains why classic car coverage is likely a better bet for your vintage beauty than standard auto insurance. Read more
Does Your Insurance Cover Hail Damage?
Posted by Safeco May 5, 2016
In a matter of seconds, hail can severely damage your home’s roof or your car’s paint job. Would your insurance cover the repairs? This blog outlines five important things to know about insurance coverage for hail damage. Read more
Want More Enjoyment From Your Motorcycle? Join the Club!
Posted by Safeco May 2, 2016
May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, so we’re taking a look at how motorcycle riders’ associations can help make your ride safer and more enjoyable all at the same time. Read more
5 Dos and Don’ts of Filing a Home Insurance Claim
Posted by Shaun Murphy, Pablo Beach Insurance April 28, 2016
Experiencing home damage can be overwhelming, but the claims process doesn’t have to be. An independent agent explains what you can do to help ease the strain. Read more
Disaster Planning for Pet Owners
Posted by Safeco April 25, 2016
Your pets aren’t like family. They are family. So, if a disaster were to strike in your area, of course you’d want to do everything you could to keep them safe. These emergency preparedness and response tips will help. Read more
6 Questions to Ask Before You Buy RV Insurance
Posted by Safeco April 21, 2016
You may expect your RV insurance policy to look a lot like an auto policy, but don’t forget coverage for your personal belongings and protection against trip interruption. Here are questions about RV insurance you can ask your independent agent to help ensure you get the coverage you want. Read more
4 Instances When Umbrella Insurance Is a Must
Ever wonder what might happen if someone sued you for millions and won? Your insurance coverage might help with the settlement, but then again it may not be enough. An independent agent explains why and outlines how an umbrella policy offers added protection. Read more
The Type of Fire Extinguisher Every Home Should Have
Posted by Safeco April 14, 2016
Different types of fires call for different fire extinguishers. So, which type of extinguisher should you keep at home? This blog offers some helpful guidelines for selecting a fire extinguisher, as well as using and maintaining it. Read more
Dogs and Home Insurance
Posted by Safeco April 11, 2016
You fell in love at the animal shelter, and now you have a new furry friend joining your family. Be sure to let your independent insurance agent know – this blog explains why. Read more
Tornados and Driving Safety
Posted by Safeco April 7, 2016
Being in a basement or other storm shelter is typically your best defense, but if a tornado catches you out in the open, these guidelines could help save your life. Read more
Why Is My Car a Total Loss? And, Now What?
Posted by Shaun Murphy, Pablo Beach Insurance April 4, 2016
At a loss on what to do after a total loss? An independent agent helps explain why cars get totaled and what typically happens next. Read more
Personal Property: 6 Reasons Why Yours May Not be Fully Covered
The personal property coverage you think you have for your jewelry, artwork, furniture and more may be far different from the personal property coverage you actually have. An independent insurance agent explains why. Read more
What Should Go in Your Home Safe (or Safe-Deposit Box)?
Posted by Safeco March 28, 2016
Everything from sparkling diamonds to dusty old tax returns can – and should – find their way into your home safe or safe-deposit box. But, do you need both? And, what else should go inside? Check out this blog for some helpful suggestions. Read more
Get on Track With Garage Door Safety
Posted by Safeco March 24, 2016
Your home’s garage doors are surprisingly powerful, but light and easy to operate when they are properly maintained. Learn these simple safety rules and inspection guidelines to help keep everything on track. Read more
Insuring a Second Home
Posted by Safeco March 21, 2016
Have a seasonal home? Then you may have questions about insuring it. If so, this blog explores some of the issues with – and challenges of – finding the right policy for your special getaway. Read more
5 Tips to Help You Care for Your Trees
Posted by Safeco March 17, 2016
A healthy tree that you care for properly — and regularly — is more likely to provide years and years of enjoyment, and far less likely to become a hazard. Read these tree maintenance tips to help keep yours out of the danger zone. Read more
After the Storm, Is Your Food Still Safe?
Posted by Safeco March 14, 2016
A lot can go wrong both during and after a storm, including getting sick off spoiled food. These tips will help you avoid that fate. Read more
Sail Away Safely: 5 Keys to a Successful Cruise
Posted by Safeco March 10, 2016
Cruise ships can offer a welcome respite from the cold, gray winter. But, having fun doesn’t mean you have to make yourself vulnerable to injury or theft. Follow these five tips for safe and smooth sailing. Read more
Protect Your Car’s Finish and Value With Regular Soap and Water
Posted by Safeco March 7, 2016
Your automobile is under assault year-round from road chemicals, dust, mud, salt, splattered bugs and acid rain. Fight back and help maintain your car by washing it regularly. Read more
Navigate Rainy Roadways With Care
Posted by Safeco March 3, 2016
No matter if driving in the rain is a regular or a rare occurrence, you can make use of these tips to help you safely find your way and recognize when conditions are just too unsafe to continue. Read more
Water Damage: Are You Covered?
Posted by Cresta Combs, Menicucci Insurance Agency February 25, 2016
All homes are susceptible to water damage, so all homeowners should know what their insurance covers. An independent insurance agent explains when the typical homeowners policy covers water damage and when it doesn’t. Read more
Going Solar? Here’s What to Think About First
Posted by Safeco February 22, 2016
It’s clean energy, it’s renewable, and it helps you get off the grid, at least partially. It’s solar power, and if you’re curious whether it’s right for you, consider these eight questions before making the next move. Read more
5 Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips
Posted by Safeco February 18, 2016
Because carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, it can lead to dangerous situations quick. Learn five easy ways to help protect yourself and your family, both at home and in the car. Read more
5 Things You Didn’t Know Home Insurance Could Cover
You know your home policy covers incidents such as hailstorms, fires and robberies. But, your policy can cover you in other ways too, and, as an independent insurance agent explains, some of them may surprise you. Read more
Presidents Day: Whose Day Is It, Anyway?
Posted by Safeco February 14, 2016
Depending on the state where you live, the third Monday of February may be known as Washington’s Birthday, or it could be Presidents Day – perhaps something else. This blog looks at the official federal holiday, as well as some state variants. Read more
9 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Home Insurance
Posted by Safeco February 11, 2016
Your home is a valuable investment. We don’t have to tell you that. What we can tell you is this: Asking smart questions when it’s time to buy home insurance will help you get the coverage you want. Here are nine valuable questions to ask your independent agent. Read more
Identity Protection Tips for Tax Season
Posted by Safeco February 8, 2016
While you’re crunching numbers hoping to get some money back, an identity thief may be filing a fraudulent tax return in your name – and collecting your refund. Help keep theft at bay with these tax-time tips. Read more
3 Misconceptions That Can Put Your Home at Risk
These tips from an independent insurance agent will help you avoid having too little homeowners insurance, so you’re covered the way you want to be covered if the unthinkable were to happen. Read more
10 Tips to Help Prevent Identity Theft
Posted by Safeco February 1, 2016
Learn some easy steps you can take to help protect your identity. Because the only person who should enjoy the benefits of being you is you. Read more
10 Energy-Saving Tips for Renters
Posted by Safeco January 28, 2016
You don’t have to own your home to take ownership over reducing your energy costs. Here are 10 easy ways to help tame your utility bills this winter. Read more
Have Guns in Your House? 5 Things to Keep in Mind
Posted by Safeco January 25, 2016
No matter if you have a single gun or you’re a bona fide collector, these safety precautions can help ensure your firearms don’t fall into the wrong hands. Read more
5 Ways You’re Using Your Heat Inefficiently
Posted by Safeco January 21, 2016
Learn what you may be doing that’s sending your energy costs through the roof this winter – and how to remedy it. Read more
Protecting Your Home From Winter Weather
Posted by Safeco January 18, 2016
Winter can be hard on your home, so use these tips to help ease the strain. With the proper upkeep during winter, your home will help keep you and your entire family safe and warm all season long. Read more
What to Do After a Car Accident in Winter
Posted by Safeco January 14, 2016
Slide off the road? Get caught in a pile-up? The worse the weather gets, the more treacherous the driving becomes. We hope you’re not involved in any accidents this winter, but, if you are, here’s how to stay safety-minded afterward. Read more
Keep Your Drone In the Sky – and Out of Trouble
Posted by Safeco January 11, 2016
Drones may be fun to fly, but they’re also Unmanned Aircraft Systems regulated by the FAA. So, you need to think about where and how you’re flying every time you fly. These five drone operation tips will help. Read more
Got Toys? Get Tips on Insuring Them
Posted by Shaun Murphy, Pablo Beach Insurance January 7, 2016
Your toys may be in storage now. But, soon your boat, motorcycle, RV or classic car will be ready to come back out to play, so make sure your insurance policy is ready, too. These tips from an independent agency owner will help. Read more
5 of the Worst Ways to Save Money
Posted by Safeco January 4, 2016
So, you’re determined to save money this year – great. Not so great? Making cuts that may come back to haunt you. Find out which five areas should be off-limits in your savings plan so you know you’re saving smart, for today and for the future. Read more
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