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6 Insurance Resolutions for 2016
Posted by Shaun Murphy, Pablo Beach Insurance December 28, 2015
You’re making New Year’s resolutions for your health and your finances, but what about for your … insurance? Independent insurance agency owner Shaun Murphy explains why your insurance resolutions may just be the most important ones you make this year. Read more
Steps to Help Prevent Frozen Pipes—or Unfreeze Them
Posted by Safeco December 24, 2015
Keep freezing temperatures from leading to frozen pipes at your home or vacation home this winter. These tips will help. Read more
Renters Insurance: Making the Holidays Merry
The holidays are a hectic time. And, when things get hectic, mishaps occur. Learn four ways your renters insurance can help you enjoy the holidays even if something unexpected happens. Read more
Top 3 Insurance Tips for Millennials
Posted by Safeco December 17, 2015
How do you begin to make sense of all the insurance options out there? Here are three simple things you can do to help determine what’s right for you. Read more
Tips for Traveling With Your Smartphone
Posted by Safeco December 14, 2015
Your smartphone is one of the best traveling companions you have – boarding passes, entertainment, directions and more all in the palm of your hand. So, you want to keep it powered and keep it secure. These tips will help, plus learn what to do if your device is stolen and how to respect your fellow travelers while using your phone on the go. Read more
Preventing Christmas Tree Fires
Posted by Safeco December 10, 2015
Keep things merry and bright, not alight, with these nine tips on Christmas tree fire safety. Read more
10 Pet Safety Tips for Winter
Posted by Safeco December 7, 2015
Whether your furry friends dive head first into the snow or turn tail and run back inside, these tips will help all of you enjoy the season safely. Read more
Using a Portable Heater: Keep It Cozy, Keep It Safe
Posted by Safeco December 3, 2015
Space heaters may be widely used these days, but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous. Learn some important precautions you can take to stay safe while you stay warm. Read more
Making Tracks in the Snow, Safely
Posted by Safeco November 30, 2015
Bring on the powder – it’s snowmobile season, or it will be soon, anyway. Use these tips to stay safe on your outings this winter so you can enjoy curling up by the fire when you get back home. Read more
Breaking With Tradition: 7 Less Familiar Holiday Rituals
Posted by Safeco November 26, 2015
Holiday fun doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. Get the lowdown on some holiday traditions that range from the fun and zany to the peculiar – it all depends on your perspective! Read more
6 Dos and Don’ts for Driving on Snow and Ice
Posted by Safeco November 23, 2015
When the weather outside is frightful, driving conditions are anything but delightful. Use these winter driving tips to help avoid the ditch and stay safely on the road. Read more
Thrifty Security: Burglar-Proof Your Home for the Holidays
Posted by Safeco November 16, 2015
Secure your home before you go so you can relax more and worry less during your holiday jaunt. Don’t worry, these home security tips won’t break the bank. Read more
6 Tips for a Merry (and Safe) Holiday Road Trip
Posted by Safeco November 12, 2015
Going to grandma’s house – and beyond – this holiday season? These six tips will help you arrive for the celebration and get back home safely. Read more
This Veterans Day, Consider Talking With a Vet — and Sharing It
Posted by Safeco November 9, 2015
The stories are inspiring, they’re heart-wrenching, and they are 96,000 strong as part of the Veterans History Project. Learn how you can capture and share the story of a veteran in your life, touching generations to come. Read more
Safe, Secure Shopping: Tips for Black Friday
Posted by Safeco November 5, 2015
Before you head into the Black Friday fray, take a look at these safety tips. Because your safety and sanity are worth more than any deal you may score. Read more
Your Guide to Winter Weather Alerts
Posted by Safeco November 2, 2015
Winter is coming, and so are the storm advisories and warnings that come with it – leaving us all wondering if we should panic now or panic later. Instead, learn what the four primary winter storm alerts mean so you can know how and when to prepare. It sure beats panicking! Read more
How to Avoid Animal-Vehicle Collisions
Posted by Safeco October 29, 2015
Your chances of hitting a deer, a moose or another wild (and large!) animal on the road increase during mating and migration season in the fall and winter. Learn a few tips that may help you avoid an animal-vehicle collision, plus what to do if you just can’t. Read more
Get More Bang for Your Holiday Bucks
Posted by Safeco October 19, 2015
Keep your spirits high and your spending low with these money-saving tips on holiday travel, gifts and entertaining. Salud! Read more
Car Maintenance: 5 Things Anyone Can Do
Posted by Safeco October 15, 2015
You rely on your car – commuting, play dates, trips to the dog park. So, it makes sense to put a little time into maintaining it. Here are five easy things you can do, besides filling up your gas tank when it’s running low, to help prolong the life of your vehicle. Read more
Do Your Part to Help Keep Halloween Safe and Happy
Posted by Safeco October 12, 2015
Be sure you’re ready for the ghouls and goblins to descend upon your street. These Halloween safety tips will help. Read more
7 Factors That May Impact Your Auto Insurance Costs
Posted by Shaun Murphy, Pablo Beach Insurance October 8, 2015
Ever wonder why your car insurance costs what it costs? Your insurance carrier looks at such things as your age, driving history and more to determine your rate. Here’s a look at seven factors that may be impacting how much you pay for car insurance. Read more
Time for Change: What to Update Besides Your Clocks
Posted by Safeco October 6, 2015
The semiannual daylight saving time change on Sunday, November 1 is less than three weeks away. In addition to preparing to set your clocks back one hour, why not take a little extra time to make some other needed safety updates around the home? Here’s your daylight saving time checklist. Read more
Your Home Maintenance Checklist for Fall
Posted by Safeco October 5, 2015
Investing a little time in your home right now can help you avoid major problems down the road. After all, we’re guessing you’d rather spend a cold, rainy weekend inside and dry, instead of fighting the elements to make emergency fixes. Read more
Is Your Yard a Fire Risk?
Posted by Safeco October 1, 2015
Resin in trees, dead leaves on the ground, dense foliage close to the house – these and other aspects of your landscaping may increase your risk of losing your home in a fire. Learn a few ways you can help reduce the risk while maintaining an attractive yard at the same time. Read more
Time for 'The Talk'? Discussing Driving With Your Folks
Posted by Safeco September 28, 2015
Concerned about your parents’ driving but dread having the talk? Approach the subject gently and methodically – these tips will help. Read more
3 Easy Ways to Stay Informed About Vehicle Recalls
Posted by Safeco September 24, 2015
Safety recalls are hitting the news left and right, but, lucky you, your vehicle hasn’t been affected. Or, has it? Recall notices that arrive by mail can easily slip through your fingers without a second glance, so get up to speed on three easy ways to get the information you need about recalled parts on your vehicle. And, stay safe on the road. Read more
3 Steps to Choosing a Defensive Driving Course
Posted by Safeco September 21, 2015
Want to drive your way to potentially better car insurance rates by taking a driving course? Find out three things to consider before you sign up! Read more
The Car Seat Conundrum: Which Is Right for Your Child?
Posted by Safeco September 17, 2015
There’s a lot riding on the proper fit and installation of a car seat: your child’s safety. With these tips, you can start to understand what may be right for your child right now. Read more
Before Baby Comes Home, Take These Safety Precautions
Posted by Safeco September 14, 2015
You’re getting ready for baby. So, how’s your home looking? These tips will help you check for hazards and make some important safety updates – all so you can focus on your new bundle of joy once baby arrives. Read more
Help Keep Your Kids Safe, Even When You're Not Around
Posted by Safeco September 10, 2015
Your kids want to be more independent. You want them to be safe. With these tips, you can start to find the right balance for your family. Read more
8 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Renters Insurance
Posted by Safeco September 3, 2015
Buying renters insurance is a smart move, so also be smart about how much and what type of coverage you buy. Review these questions with your independent insurance agent so you can select the policy that’s right for your needs. Read more
4 Ways to Help All Children Have a Great School Year
Posted by Safeco September 1, 2015
There’s no doubt a school, a classroom or a student in your area is a little short on supplies this year. So, why not do what you can to help out? You’ll give back to your community and set a good example for your own young scholars back home. Read more
Roofing Scams: When to Be Wary
Posted by Safeco August 27, 2015
There’s no better time for a roofing scam than in the days and weeks following a considerable storm. So, what should you be wary of? Read this blog to find out. Read more
Teach Your Young Scholars the Basics of School Bus Safety
Posted by Safeco August 24, 2015
Schools across the country are already back in session. And, as students – and parents – start settling into the new school year, it’s a good time to review some safety tips for catching, riding and exiting that big yellow bus. Read more
5 Misconceptions About Uninsured Motorist and Underinsured Motorist Coverage
Posted by Shaun Murphy, Pablo Beach Insurance August 20, 2015
Drivers with no or too little insurance are out there. The question is: Do you need extra coverage to help protect yourself against them? An independent insurance agent deconstructs some common misconceptions to help you decide. Read more
6 Steps to Help Prevent Basement Flooding
Posted by Safeco August 17, 2015
When it’s pouring outside, help ensure your basement stays dry with these useful tips for your foundation, your landscaping and, of course, your basement itself. Read more
Hurricane Defense: How to Strengthen Damage-Prone Parts of Your Property
Posted by Safeco August 13, 2015
Whether from a hurricane or tropical storm or just from high winds, your home is susceptible to some serious damage. So why not take a few steps to reinforce your home where it’s most vulnerable? Read more
8 Types of Clouds – And The Stormy Weather They May Bring
Posted by Safeco August 11, 2015
When the sky turns menacing, are you in for a light shower, a heavy downpour or worse? Find out by learning what conditions are typically associated with eight different clouds. Read more
Need Rental Car Insurance? Know Before You Go
Posted by Safeco August 10, 2015
Whether or not you need to purchase insurance for your rented wheels depends on a variety of factors. Learn what they are and a few things to consider before you ever step up to the rental car counter. Read more
5 Tips for More Affordable Road Trips
Posted by Safeco August 3, 2015
You’re gassing up the car and heading out on the great open road. But, just how much is this road trip going to cost you? These tools and tips will help you estimate and even cut the cost of your travel so you can return home with great memories and perhaps a little cash in your pocket. Read more
5 Easy Ways to Squeeze In More Summer Fun
Posted by Jonathan Alpert July 31, 2015
Who wouldn’t want just one extra hour in their day just for themselves, to read, relax, whatever. Manhattan-based psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert offers tips to help you find a little extra time for doing what you love. Read more
RV Trip Planning: How to Find a Route You’ll Remember
Posted by Safeco July 30, 2015
Whether you’re looking for the quickest way or the most scenic way to get from point A to point B, use these resources to help you plan your RV route. Because enjoying the journey is part of what traveling by RV is all about. Read more
Play Hard, Not Hurt: Safety Tips for School Sports
Posted by Safeco July 28, 2015
With the arrival of the new school year comes the return of school sports. Whether your young athletes are hitting the field or the trails, the court or the course, take a moment to review these school sports safety tips – they may just help your champions thrive. Read more
7 Steps for Safer Scootering
Posted by Safeco July 23, 2015
They may be a fashionable way to travel, but motor scooters can be dangerous, too. After all, scooters typically share the road with vehicles that are much, much larger than than them. If you’re an aficionado, these safety tips are for you – don’t worry, they won’t cramp your style. Read more
8 Questions to Ask About Motorcycle Insurance
Posted by Safeco July 21, 2015
You asked plenty of questions when you bought your ride. Ask plenty more when you buy motorcycle insurance. Asking the right questions when it’s time to buy or review your motorcycle policy can help you get the coverage you want, from bodily injury to roadside assistance. Use these questions as a guide. Read more
Big Year for a Big Party: Sturgis Readies 75th Annual Motorcycle Rally
Posted by Safeco July 20, 2015
The epicenter of motorcycle culture since 1938, Sturgis is gearing up for its 75th rally, starting August 3. If Sturgis is on your summer itinerary, check out these tips for places to visit and scenic routes to explore. Read more
Don’t Give Up the Ship!
Posted by Safeco July 16, 2015
Say “bon voyage” to boat theft worries with the help of these tips. Whether your boat is on land or in the water, you can help secure your vessel and equipment with these easy steps. Read more
Keep Your Campsite — and Your Gear — Secure
Posted by Safeco July 13, 2015
Today, we’re more connected than ever. And, not just when we’re at home or in the office but when we’re camping, too. Which brings up a little problem: How do we secure our electronics and gadgets when we’re out in the wild? Don’t worry, these tips will help. Read more
12 Ways to Stay Safe on Your Personal Watercraft
Posted by Safeco July 9, 2015
Think safety first and fun will follow when you’re out and about on your personal watercraft. Review these regulations and safety tips to help ensure your outing is exciting for all the right, rather than the wrong, reasons. Read more
5 Great Ways to Celebrate: State Fairs From Coast to Coast
Posted by Safeco July 6, 2015
Calling all state fair devotees – and even occasional attendees. This look at five of the nation's best state fairs is sure to ignite your appreciation for such fine things as butter sculptures and chocolate-covered bacon. Find out if your state made the list! Read more
How to Organize a Neighborhood Watch
Posted by Safeco July 2, 2015
A neighborhood watch group is a great way to bring your neighbors together with local law enforcement to make a difference in your community. How big a difference all depends on how big an effort you put in. So, here are some tips to help you get started – and keep going – on the right foot. Read more
Plan for the Future as Well as the Wedding: Insurance for Newlyweds
Posted by Safeco June 29, 2015
Engaged? Newly wed? Now that you’re building a life together, you need the right insurance for it. Learn what types of coverage you and your spouse should consider and a few ways to help you save on insurance. Read more
10 Lightning Myths Debunked
Posted by Safeco June 25, 2015
You may think you know how to stay safe in a lightning storm. But, much of what you’ve heard may merely be myth. Take a look at these debunked lightning myths so you have a better idea of what to do the next time it strikes. Read more
How to Hang in There When the Lights Go Out
Posted by Safeco June 22, 2015
For those times when you’re in the dark, allow us to shed some light on how to stay safe in a power outage. By knowing how to respond when the power goes out, there’ll be no need for the panic to set in. Read more
6 Questions for Your Annual Insurance Review
Posted by Shaun Murphy, Pablo Beach Insurance June 18, 2015
Not much stays the same from year to year, and with life’s changes comes the need to change your insurance coverage, too. A review of your policies with your local independent insurance agent can help you ensure your coverage is current, not out of date. Read more
Tips for a Safe Fourth of July — From Food to Fireworks
Posted by Safeco June 15, 2015
Independence Day – it’s one of the most festive days of the year, and it’s almost here. No matter what type of celebration you have in the works, we have plenty of tips to help you enjoy the holiday the safe way. Read more
6 ATV Safety Tips for Your Summer Adventures
Posted by Safeco June 11, 2015
There’s nothing like warm weather to get ATV-ers out for a ride. So, before you head out to your favorite riding area, review these ATV safety tips to help ensure you’re ready for the fun ahead. Read more
Keep Cool While Keeping Your Energy Costs Down
Posted by Safeco June 8, 2015
Already losing your cool over your summer energy bills? Try one or more of these proven ways to cool your home while reducing your energy costs. Who knows, you may just end up with a little extra cash for that upcoming vacation. Read more
Road Tripping With Rover
Posted by Safeco June 4, 2015
Whether your furry best friend is gung-ho about hitting the road or a little apprehensive, these tips will help ensure your pet travels safely and comfortably. That way, everyone can enjoy the journey just as much as the destination. Read more
Make It a Point to Get Outside With Your Family
Posted by Safeco June 1, 2015
Grab the sunscreen! Saturday, June 13 is National Get Outdoors Day, and we have some safety guidelines and other tips to help you make the most of your time outside with minimal effort. You never know, Get Outdoors Day could be the start of a healthy new routine for you and your family, not to mention a great – and fun – way to bond. Read more
What to Do in 4 Unusual — and Dangerous — Driving Situations
Posted by Safeco May 28, 2015
There’s nothing quite like blowing a tire or hitting a deer to derail a perfectly good road trip. While these scenarios may be uncommon, they do happen, and they may cause severe injuries and damage in addition to delays. So, we want you to be prepared. Check out these driving tips for ways to respond to four driving hazards. Read more
Is Working in the ‘Sharing Economy’ for You?
Posted by Safeco May 25, 2015
Thinking of taking up ride sharing or home sharing? First things first, review these potential benefits and risks to help you determine whether it’s for you. Ride sharing or home sharing can be a great way to earn extra income, so long as you’re well informed and comfortable with certain consequences that may arise. Read more
Mark Memorial Day the Right Way
Posted by Safeco May 21, 2015
We all look forward to Memorial Day as the unofficial start of summer, but it’s really a day to remember and honor the service men and women we have lost. It doesn’t take much to show your respects – just a moment of silence or a visit to a cemetery. Learn other ways you can honor our fallen heroes for their sacrifice. Read more
Keep Your Garden Green, Your Water Bill Low
Posted by Safeco May 18, 2015
Your garden needs water to be healthy – just be smart about how much you use. Watering too frequently can be bad for your plants, after all, and it wastes water in a time of dry conditions and drought. With these water-wise gardening tips, you can have a green garden and reduce your water usage, too. Read more
4 Factors That Can Make Convertibles Expensive to Insure
Posted by Safeco May 14, 2015
If you can’t afford the insurance payments, you just can’t afford the car. So be sure you know how much it will cost to insure the convertible of your dreams before you drive it off the lot. Here are four reasons why you may spend more insuring a convertible than a standard car. Read more
Insurance Tips for College Grads From an Independent Agent
As a college graduate, you know it’s smart to have insurance for your car. But, how much car insurance is enough? And, what about insuring your personal belongings? Your independent insurance agent has the answers you need. Learn what to expect from an independent agent so you can get the coverage you want for the life you want to build. Read more
Don’t Get Burned as BBQ Season Begins
Posted by Safeco May 11, 2015
Before marinating the meat, before skewering the vegetables, brush up on these safety tips for summer cookout season. Because, no matter how you flip it, a safe cookout is the best kind of cookout to have. Read more
5 Questions to Ask When Buying a Car for Your Graduate
Posted by Safeco May 7, 2015
The ultimate graduation present? New wheels for your high school or college graduate. Whether you plan to pony up for a new or used car for your graduate or just help with the purchase, here are some important questions to ask so you end up with the right car for your grad’s needs. Read more
Commuting by Bike: How to Get to the Office on 2 Wheels
Posted by Safeco May 4, 2015
Getting to work on two wheels takes a little planning, the proper equipment and the right mindset, too. Learn how to gear up for your ride so you can start spending less on gas and investing more in green living. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to commuting by bike during Bike to Work Week, starting Monday, May 11. Read more
Finding the Best (Rental) Home for You and Your Furry Friend
Posted by Safeco April 30, 2015
So you’re looking for a new place to hang your hat – and your pet’s leash. While not all apartments accept pets, with a little diligence, you can find one that meets your needs and welcomes your dog or cat. Here are a few tips on renting with pets and moving with pets to help get you started. Read more
The Dos and Don’ts of Dodging Parking Lot Collisions
Posted by Safeco April 23, 2015
Let’s face it, parking lots and parking garages can be frustrating. And, they can be dangerous, too. These dos and don’ts will help you stay mindful of parking lot safety so you can stay out of harm’s way and avoid doing harm to others. Read more
Getting Your Boat Out of Storage and Into the Water
Posted by Safeco April 20, 2015
You’re ready for boating season. But, is your boat ready? After sitting in storage all winter, it likely needs a little TLC before heading to your favorite fishing spot or waterway. Learn what to check and test to help ensure your boat is as ready for the water as you are this spring. Read more
Staying Safe When the Ground Shakes
Posted by Safeco April 13, 2015
In California, it’s Earthquake Preparedness Month, but taking steps to prepare for a quake isn’t just for those in the Golden State. In fact, no U.S. state or territory is exempt from the risk of a quake. So, learn what to do before, during and after an earthquake so you can think on your feet when the ground starts moving. Read more
Alternative Pet Therapies
Posted by Safeco April 9, 2015
Wanting only the best for our pets can sometimes lead us to look beyond traditional veterinary medicine for help treating health issues related to aging, pain and even allergies. Today, we’re turning to alternative therapies, such as hydrotherapy, massage and acupuncture, to boost our pets’ comfort and well-being. Read more
First Aid for Your Furry Companion
Posted by Safeco April 6, 2015
It’s April, which means it’s National Pet First Aid Awareness Month. Plus, spring is in the air and summer is quickly approaching. This means lots more outdoor play, which can increase the likelihood of injury. Here’s a list of must-have first-aid items to stock just in case accident strikes your dog. Read more
Seat Belt Safety Tips: Beyond Just Buckling Up
Posted by Safeco March 30, 2015
Using a seat belt is one of the most effective ways to save lives and reduce injuries in a car crash, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And, it’s something easy everyone can do. But, are you buckling up correctly? Learn more about proper seat belt use so you and your family are better protected. Read more
After the Storm: How to Check Your Property for Damage
Posted by Safeco March 23, 2015
After a big storm hits, take a close look around your home and property to check for damage to your roof, trees and other structures. Acting quickly can help you address any wear and tear before it has a chance to get worse. Use this checklist to conduct a storm damage inspection. Read more
5 Things to Know About Fallen Trees and Insurance Coverage
Posted by Safeco March 16, 2015
When a tree falls on your property, are you covered? In many instances, your home insurance or auto insurance covers you for a fallen tree. But, not in every instance. Learn the difference so you know what to expect when recovering from storm damage this spring. Read more
Is It Time to Replace Your Appliance Hoses?
Posted by Safeco March 9, 2015
Water damage – it’s a messy and costly nightmare for homeowners. But, thankfully, you can help prevent water damage in some instances just by monitoring and replacing the water supply hoses on your appliances. Learn how to properly maintain your appliance hoses so you’re not wading through water or other damage in your home. Read more
Spring Into Home Maintenance Mode
Posted by Safeco March 2, 2015
You’re springing the clocks forward and gearing up for spring cleaning and planting. Find out what else you can do to take care of your home this spring, including inspecting your property for any damage that occurred over the winter. Read more
Know – and Avoid – the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents
Posted by Safeco February 23, 2015
When you’re on the road, you have a responsibility to yourself, your passengers and even people in other vehicles to drive with care. So take some time to learn what’s behind most accidents and how you can adjust your driving behavior to help avoid getting into a routine or even a deadly crash. Read more
Home Security Technology: Keeping You Ahead of Burglars
Posted by Safeco February 16, 2015
Monitoring systems that communicate with your smartphone. Wireless cameras that store data in the cloud. It’s all part of the recent advancements in home security technology. Take a look at what’s available and start protecting your property with the latest in home security. Read more
Worrisome Winter Roof Danger: Ice Dams
Posted by Safeco February 12, 2015
We understand if you’re tired of seeing snow – it’s been quite a winter – but everyone who lives in a snowy climate should turn their gaze upward, to their roofs. If ice dams are forming there, your roof may soon start leaking. Learn why and what you can do to help prevent ice dams from making your winter soggier than it already is. Read more
Stop Wasting Energy, Start Lowering Your Winter Bills
Posted by Safeco February 9, 2015
Not only is the weather dreadful. So are your winter energy bills. If yours cause a moment of panic upon arrival, learn a few easy ways to cut back on your energy use and possibly reduce the amount you owe. You can be frugal without freezing, and these tips may help. Read more
Insuring Jewelry: How to Know If Your Coverage Is Enough
Posted by Safeco February 2, 2015
Your jewelry is sentimental. Insuring it is smart. Learn what you need to know about jewelry coverage under your homeowners insurance, condo insurance or renters insurance and and why you may need extra coverage for high-value and irreplaceable pieces. Read more
Protecting Your Home: What Insurance Does and Doesn’t Cover
Posted by Safeco January 26, 2015
Your homeowners policy protects your home and your family in a variety of ways, but it also has coverage limits and even exclusions. It’s important to know what your individual policy covers and what it doesn’t. To start, review this guide for a better understanding of the typical homeowners insurance policy. Read more
Helping Seniors Have a Wonderful Winter
Posted by Safeco January 19, 2015
The hazards of winter affect us all, but remember that your senior family members – and your neighbors, too – may require some extra support this season. Learn what you can do to help them prevent falls, stay safe at home and ride out any winter storms that are headed their way. Read more
Icy Sidewalks: Are You Liable If Someone Falls?
Posted by Safeco January 12, 2015
Could an icy patch on the sidewalk in front of your home lead to a homeowners liability claim or even a lawsuit against you? It’s happened to other property owners, so learn what you need to know about snow removal responsibilities and how to help protect yourself – and others. Read more
Safety Items to Keep In Your Car – the Winter Edition
Posted by Safeco January 5, 2015
Even good drivers can end up in a bad situation in severe weather, so learn what’s essential to have in your car to help you stay safe on (and off) the road this winter. Read more
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