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Cozy Up to These Five Fireplace Safety Tips
Posted by Safeco December 29, 2014
Fire is nothing to play around with. Get stoked about fireplace safety so your crackling fire is delightful – not frightful. Read more
All-In Make More Happen Awards Recognize 14 Agencies, Donate to 14 Charities
Posted by Safeco December 24, 2014
For 14 independent insurance agencies, hearing that Safeco Insurance is donating $3,000 to each of the 14 charities they support isn’t just good news – it’s potentially life-changing news. Read more
The Right Tires for Winter Driving
Posted by Safeco December 22, 2014
The weather has changed, but have you given any thought to changing your tires? Learn why you may want to consider driving on winter tires, as well as how to maintain them, for better safety in the cold, snow and ice. Read more
Plunge Like a Polar Bear Into the New Year
Posted by Safeco December 15, 2014
Too cold for a plunge? It may warm your heart to know that thousands of people in the United States do it for charity. Learn more about the polemic polar bear plunge, often a New Year’s Day tradition, and where in the U.S. you can participate – or just watch. Read more
Top 10 Ways to Green the Holidays
Posted by Safeco December 8, 2014
Don’t let the holidays go to waste this year. Learn how you can reduce, reuse and recycle your way through one of the most magical times of the year. Read more
Be Charitable This Holiday Season, but Sensible and Safe Too
Posted by Safeco December 1, 2014
Who doesn’t feel good about making a charitable donation – or several – during the holidays? With these tips on selecting a worthwhile charity, avoiding donation scams and keeping your identity secure, you’ll feel even better. Read more
Make More Happen Voters Rally Around Child-Centric Charities
Posted by Safeco November 24, 2014
Thus far in 2014, Safeco Insurance’s Make More Happen program has made $360,000 in charitable donations, benefiting organizations that help children who learn differently, provide new school clothes for low-income students and many others. Read more
Winter Is Coming – Get Your Home and Family Ready
Posted by Safeco November 17, 2014
Prepare now for that winter weather – and storm – that’s coming later. These winter preparation tips will help get your household ready for the cold and snow. Read more
Safety First for Your Four-Legged Friends This Holiday Season
Posted by Safeco November 10, 2014
Most pet parents already know that chocolate and poinsettias are harmful to pets, but there are other aspects of the holidays that can be dangerous too. Learn what they are and what you can do to help keep your pets safe. Read more
Be Thankful You Know These 10 Dos, Don’ts of Frying a Turkey
Posted by Safeco November 3, 2014
Planning a deep-fried bird for your Thanksgiving table? Brush up on these 10 deep-fryer safety tips well in advance of the holiday – even before you head out to the store to buy your turkey. Read more
Make Your Vote Heard for Charity in the Make More Happen Contest
Posted by Safeco October 27, 2014
For 30 charities across the country, walking away with up to $10,500 in the Make More Happen Contest depends on your votes, so cast them daily – starting now. Read more
Do You Need Umbrella Insurance?
Posted by Safeco October 20, 2014
It only takes one serious accident and a resulting lawsuit to put everything you own at risk. And it only takes one umbrella policy to help protect it all. So, yes, you could say that umbrella insurance might just come in handy for you and your family. Learn what this type of policy entails to find out if it really is right for you. Read more
No Tricks! Make Halloween a Treat for Your Entire Family
Posted by Safeco October 13, 2014
Before you head out to trick or treat amongst the goblins, witches and other creatures crawling your neighborhood, brush up on these Halloween safety tips to keep everyone, including your pets, safe. Read more
Tips to Help Keep Your Teen Driver Safe on the Road
Posted by Safeco October 6, 2014
As part of National Teen Driver Safety Week, October 19-25, help the young drivers in your household make good decisions behind the wheel. Start by setting a good example yourself and establishing some important rules for the road. Read more
6 Common Holiday Travel Mistakes to Avoid
Posted by Safeco September 29, 2014
While most everyone loves the holidays, hardly anyone loves holiday travel. If you’re going out of town this holiday season, knowing what not to do can help make the whole experience a little less taxing for everyone involved. Read more
Winterizing Your Car: Keeping a Classic Classy
Posted by Safeco September 22, 2014
Nothing puts the brakes on classic car fun like the approach of cold weather. Except perhaps getting your car out of storage in the spring and finding mildew, rodents and other damage. Here are some practical tips to help protect your car while it’s stored for the winter so you’ll be ready to roll once the temperature warms. Read more
5 Wildfire Prevention Tips for Fall
Posted by Safeco September 15, 2014
Even as the weather starts to cool this fall, many areas in the U.S. remain at risk for wildfires. These wildfire prevention tips can help keep you, the ones you love and the wilderness you enjoy safe this fall – and during any season of the year. Read more
What to Put in Your Emergency Preparedness Kit
Posted by Safeco September 8, 2014
Setting aside food, water, medicine and other supplies for an emergency can help keep your family safe during a natural disaster or power outage. Make – or update – an emergency kit now that National Preparedness Month is here so you’re ready when the time comes. Read more
Backpack Safety: Are Your Kids Carrying Too Much?
Posted by Safeco September 1, 2014
Everyone’s geared up for class. As part of Backpack Safety Awareness Month, learn how to make sure kids’ packs aren’t dragging them down and putting them at risk for injury. Read more
Make More Happen Contest Awards Charities $30,000
Posted by Safeco August 25, 2014
Friends of Waurika Public Library in Waurika, Oklahoma and the Alzheimer’s Association Mid-South Chapter in Huntsville, Alabama walk away with the top prizes in Safeco’s Make More Happen Contest this summer. Read more
Essential Safety Tips for Nighttime Boating
Posted by Safeco August 18, 2014
It’s a nice night on the boat. Keep it that way with these tips on preparing for and enjoying a night excursion. While you’re out there having fun, you also need to ensure everyone onboard and others on the water are safe and sound. Read more
5 Tips for Organizing Your Home for the New School Year
Posted by Safeco August 11, 2014
A child’s success at school can depend just as much on his/her home environment as it does on the classroom. So be sure to set your child up to excel by getting – and staying – organized on the home front before the first bell rings. Read more
3 Ways a Pool May Affect Your Homeowners Insurance
Posted by Safeco August 4, 2014
Having your own pool will no doubt increase your standing with family and friends, as well as the value of your home. But what about your home insurance rates? Read more
Charities Need Your Votes to Make More Happen
Posted by Safeco July 28, 2014
Thirty charities from around the nation are vying for your votes in the Make More Happen Contest. Pick your favorite charity and vote daily – $10,000 is on the line! Read more
Keep the Fire (Pit) Burning, but Keep It Safe
Posted by Safeco July 21, 2014
Before you get out the graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows for National S’mores Day on August 10, check out these fire pit safety tips. Read more
Hitting the Road on 2 Wheels? Plan Ahead for Maximum Fun
Posted by Safeco July 14, 2014
Whether you’re headed to the nearest state park or traversing multiple state lines, a little planning will help you get there safely. Read more
The Ins & Outs of Staying Cool in a Power Outage
Posted by Safeco July 7, 2014
When the power is down and the mercury is rising, use these tips to help keep everyone, including pets, healthy, happy and safe. Read more
Fireworks Safety for a Fun – and Safe – Fourth
Posted by Safeco June 30, 2014
With a little precaution, you’ll remember this July Fourth for all the right, rather than the wrong, reasons. Happy Independence Day! Read more
Distracted Driving Kills 9 People a Day
Posted by Safeco June 23, 2014
Mobile phones and other distractions put you, your passengers and others on the road at risk. Start driving distraction-free and set a positive example. Read more
Avoid Slips, Trips and Falls in the Bathroom
Posted by Safeco June 9, 2014
Is your bathroom just an accident waiting to happen? As part of National Safety Month, learn how to make your bathroom a safer place. Read more
Contest Winnings Help Charities Make More Happen
Posted by Safeco May 29, 2014
Recently, Safeco donated and awarded a total of $120,000 to 30 charities as part of the spring 2014 Make More Happen Awards and Make More Happen Contest. Read more
Vote, Cheer and Make More Happen for Charity
Posted by Safeco April 30, 2014
We’re kicking off spring by spotlighting 30 independent insurance agencies and the nonprofits they support through volunteer efforts with our Safeco Insurance Make More Happen Contest. Cast your vote and cheer today. Read more
How to Protect Your Most Cherished Possessions
Posted by Safeco April 21, 2014
By “scheduling valuables” you can protect the things that matter to you most, even if they’re not fully covered under your standard homeowners insurance policy. Read more
Tornado Truths
Posted by Safeco April 7, 2014
You can’t control the weather or the outcome of a destructive storm but there are steps you can take to help you and your family remain protected in the event of a tornado. Begin by knowing fact from myth when it comes to tornado safety. Read more
Prevent Water from Going Where It Shoudn't
Posted by Safeco March 31, 2014
We know you want to protect what’s important. That’s why we’re offering these tips to help you prevent many of the most common causes of water damage. Read more
Homeowners Safety While on Vacation
Posted by Safeco March 17, 2014
For many, the winter months are a welcome time to escape the short days and chilly temperatures by taking a vacation. But don’t forget to take these precautions to ensure your home stays safe while you’re away. Read more
Protection During a Hailstorm
Posted by Safeco March 10, 2014
With approximately 3,000 hailstorms in the U.S. each year in varying sizes the chances of damage and harm can be pretty high. Here’s some pointers to stay safe if you get stuck on the road when a hailstorm hits. Read more
Local Rides to Escape the City
Posted by Safeco March 3, 2014
If you ride a motorcycle in NYC, what do you do when you want your bike to be more than just a commuter vehicle? May we suggest a few places you can escape the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple for a Sunday afternoon drive? Read more
Make Recycling and Reducing Routine
Posted by Safeco February 3, 2014
At Safeco we try to do our part to protect our environment and use our resources wisely. And we’re hoping you’ll take the time – if you’re not already – to make reduce, reuse and recycle part of your daily routine. Here are some best practices. Read more
Home Security Tips
Posted by Safeco January 27, 2014
Everyone wants to keep their home safe from burglars or intruders, but not everyone wants to have an alarm system installed. Nowadays, there are more options than ever when it comes to home security, so we at Safeco want to help you sort through those options with a few tips. Read more
5 Ways to Get Your Car Stolen
Posted by Safeco January 13, 2014
Some people make it downright easy for thieves to drive off in their pride and joy. We don’t want you walking out the door to an empty driveway or parking space, so take care to avoid these five mistakes that lead to car theft. Read more
Night Driving Dangers
Posted by Safeco January 13, 2014
More than 50% of fatalities for vehicle occupants 16 and older occur between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. Because we’re big advocates for safety, we thought it would be helpful to take a look at why night driving is more dangerous, and what you can do to decrease that danger. Read more
Time to Do a Home Inventory
Posted by Andrea Chatwood January 6, 2014
Following the holidays may be a perfect time to take stock of your material possessions. Did you get a great gift? A diamond ring, a beautiful watch or maybe a new gaming system? Here’s a handy guide to making a home inventory in case some (or all) of your stuff is damaged or goes missing. Read more
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