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Safeco Insurance® Launches #MY60 Challenge to Help Reclaim Time to Do More.®

According to a new survey by Safeco Insurance, more than four in five respondents agree they need an extra hour in the day with 70 percent admitting they would use that extra time to do something for themselves.

What is #MY60?

To help protect the things that matter most to people, including their time, Safeco is launching the #MY60 campaign this summer to encourage Americans to take back 60 minutes of their day over a 60-day period to create and maximize a Do More Hour for themselves.

Jonathan Alpert
Jonathan Alpert, a Manhattan-based psychotherapist and author of the book Be Fearless: Change Your Life in 28 Days believes that the best way to avoid negative behaviors stemming from not having enough time to do it all is to change your thinking about what needs to be done.  

Alpert has found that carving out an hour in the day of “me” time is essential to personal happiness. He offers several tips to help find an hour a day to do more, and offers these suggestions:

Change your thinking. "I'm so busy" and "I don't have time for anything" are negative comments that are sure to keep you feeling overwhelmed. Think more along the lines of making good use of the time that you do have or having perspective that you can only do so much in one day and to accomplish what's reasonable for that given day. Empower yourself to think “can” and “will” instead of “can’t” and “have to.”

Track how you spend your time. Do this for one week. Many people are entirely unaware of what they do hour to hour and where the day goes. The simple exercise of noting what you're doing each hour can have a huge impact. Track your time and know where you're spending it.

Determine which tasks and activities are vital and which are optional. Structure other tasks around those that are vital. Schedule your day by doing the important tasks first, using the first 15 minutes of your morning to organize your work area. This is when you are freshest and energetic. So often the less important tasks get in the way of other things that need to be done which can be distracting. It's often easier to do the things that aren't as important, but fear can lead to procrastination and ends up keeping us stagnant.

Your #MY60 Checklist.

#MY60 offers tips to help people be more productive at what they have to do, so they can reclaim an hour a day for what they want to do. Safeco worked with Alpert to develop a Do More Hour checklist with practical tips and advice to be more productive throughout the day.



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Just finding sixty more minutes in my day to do something I enjoy would make me happy and relaxed. I pledge to reclaim #MY60 to do more this summer.

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